In Utero Baby Pictures (~20 Week Ultrasound)

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This week we went in for our 20 week ultrasound; we’ve returned with some in utero baby pictures to share! Well, I’m actually past 20 weeks at this point (over halfway through!), but for some reason we didn’t get on the schedule soon enough so we had to do it a little later.

The three of us all were able to be present for the “picture session” (as I explained it to our toddler), and Toby was excited to see the special “camera” that would look inside mama’s belly and take pictures of his baby brother. Since then, he’s been talking about the “goop” that was on mama’s belly during the baby pictures and how the tech put it on for the doctor to do a final well-being check (all looks great!).

20 Week Ultrasound - in utero baby pictures

It’s interesting to look back at how things get explained differently to a toddler. The spine was “a railroad track,” the heart was the “fluttering part” and the bones were “white lines.” The tech spent a while looking at the kidneys so those got explained as “the place where your pee is before it comes out” (Sorry, parenthood has altered my perception of what’s TMI — hopefully I haven’t crossed that line!).

I’m really glad we included Toby in this experience, he was well-behaved and quite intrigued by everything that was happening. And it was priceless to see the look on his face when he saw his baby brother moving around… and particularly when he heard the heartbeat. Later, when recounting his experience, Toby corrected grandma that the heartbeat didn’t go “thump, thump” …it went “whoosh whoosh.”

20 Week Ultrasound - in utero baby pictures

20 Week Ultrasound - baby pictures

20 Week Ultrasound - baby pictures

Tip on Preserving Memories

Now the question is, “what to do with the ultrasound pictures?” These days, apparently, it’s the norm to give you a laserjet 8.5×11 printout of the photos (last time we got the ink printouts). I’ll be scanning these into my computer for safekeeping, and feel that that’s a good way to preserve them (I can print them out on archival or photo paper when making the baby book).

Sad to think, with the advance of technology, what images might degrade or be lost in the future. Not that I want to save them for sentimental reasons, but cash register receipts hardly even last six months. Will these laserjet printouts degrade similarly *compared* to real photographs?

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