A’s One Year (Toddler!) Portraits

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It is always amazing to see how quickly kids grow… Baby A. is no longer a little squish but is already officially a toddler! How much she has changed since we did her newborn portraitsher first holiday portrait … and her 9 month portraits.


We started out in the studio, and then went outdoors for a few cute series of images, and then wrapped up the one year toddler portraits by doing some birthday cake pictures. Well, a cupcake, to be more precise. Regardless, they turned out so well and I know A. had a great time with the cupcake. 🙂

Here are the highlights from the one year session. Baby A’s family will LOVE having this as a coffeetable album.

And a few more portraits from when A. was “little” — you forget how much kids have changed until you look at portraits from a while back. What a cutie pie.