Baby Finn Arrives! (Meet Toby)

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Toby decided to wait just a little past his due date, but he’s finally arrived! My delivery was definitely a bit more “interesting” than my uneventful pregnancy: after a successful induction, and 24 hours of mostly productive labor, Toby came into the world via an unexpected route — cesarean section.

Happily, Toby got a clean bill of health upon delivery, and I’ve been recovering well from the surgery for the past couple weeks. During our 4.5 day stay at the hospital, family and friends came to visit, including a special cross-country visit from Liz Vance and her daughter (Liz not only created our first family portraits, but documented some candid moments from Toby’s first days too). This first video slideshow shows the birth memories that Liz documented for us:

And then of course, the newborn portraits that Liz created. I absolutely love all of these, Toby looks so adorable and peaceful:

Since coming home from the hospital, Toby has been doing great; he’s a good sleeper, eater, and doesn’t really fuss much at all! And happily, Cinnamon and Ginger have inspected and approved of the new addition to our family too.

We’ll look forward to sharing more as Toby grows; and can’t wait for you to meet him in person!