Backyard Visitor

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The other day, I went out into my yard after a session to relax… seeing as the weather has been great lately! Well, I didn’t quite get the break from photographing I expected… since I found a turtle who needed his portrait taken. Unfortunately, he wasn’t very cooperative! But, I guess I’ll settle for a “leave me alone!” portrait, since it still looks neat:

Mr. Turtle, peeking out to see if the photographer has left yet:

3 Responses

  1. Karen Linsley

    How cute! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Dave Brown

    haha what a funny little guy. I had a big lizard out in my front yard a few weeks ago that about scared me. He looked dead at first, but then moved very very slowly. I was really suprised he didn’t mind me taking a bunch of pictures of him.


  3. Thomas

    I loved the eye level perspective.