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Even in the cold weather… it’s still good to get outdoors.  We’ve been enjoying the bountiful wildlife-watching opportunities (and corresponding opportunities for nature photography).  There is a herd of deer that likes to frequent our neighborhood.  I believe one count yielded a total of 12 deer, but quite frankly they move around so much we could be off by a couple.  Interestingly, some of the deer will run out across the lake (seeing that it’s frozen) rather than walking the “long way” around.  Where one goes, the others follow.  This particular evening, we had deer galavanting all over the lake, our backyard, you name it.  This nature photography shot is a combination landscape and wildlife scene… love the beginnings of a pink sunset.

And then came the turkeys.  Or maybe they preceded the deer.  Too much backyard wildlife to keep my story straight, I guess.  Nature is really quite interesting to observe.  These are two of the (usually) 6 turkeys that walk from the stand of trees in the photograph, through our backyard, and that of our neighbors, before heading back into “nature.”  Sometimes we’ll see them twice in one day.  And if you’re not familiar with turkeys, do know that they have quite long legs.  The snow in the photograph below comes almost midway up their gangly legs (taken through a particularly dense window screen; my apologies… one of the downfalls of nature photography taken from indoors).


I sometimes wonder how much of this wildlife activity I would notice, in my own backyard nature sanctuary, if I didn’t have a toddler around the house.  We enjoy pointing the wildlife out to each other and then spending a good 5-10 minutes watching their antics as they promenade through our backyard and the neighborhood.  The love of nature photography is apparently something I’ve passed onto our son; as he enjoys pretending to “flash” pictures with his cool kidnoculars (affiliate link disclosure), which are neat toddler-sized binoculars (see image to right) he got for Christmas.

Wildlife + Nature Photography Tip:

Patience is key.  While my toddler may enjoy “scaring” the animals from time to time, you need to be quiet and still if you want to effectively watch nature unfold — even if you’re indoors.  Animals have really good hearing, and they are especially sensitive to movement.  So, if it’s evening and you have the lights on in your house, don’t be surprised if you scare them off by dashing to the window to see your backyard wildlife.  A safer bet would be to turn off the lights…or move very slowly.  Pretend you’re stalking the wildlife (well, you are…but in this case, it’s to observe or photograph the animals).

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  1. pinkoddy

    Must be so nice to see such sights. Thank you for the photography tips.

  2. Betsy Finn

    It really is a blessing; I don’t know who enjoys it more… me, or my toddler!

  3. Jessica

    These are beautiful! Thank you for sharing your tips.

    Stopping by today from Mom’s Small Victories. Have a wonderful day!

  4. Betsy Finn

    Thanks for stopping by! Happy to share 🙂

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