Being part of the team…

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What’s the whole point of being on a team, anyways?  Well, for the kids on the Pistol Prodigies in Manchester, I think it’s to build character and learn responsibility.  If you’re looking for a nice group of kids — the Pistol Prodigies team in Manchester definitely fits the label!  I’ve done team photos for the group for the past few years, and they are always more than courteous, and exceptionally polite.  And this year was no exception.

Why do I say that?  The kids always thank me after I take their pictures.

In an era of self-entitlement, that’s actually very special.  And while it speaks volumes about the parents who are raising these kids, I think it probably also says the same about the leadership of the Pistol Prodigies team too.  Scott and Lisa Poet are down-to-earth, friendly, and do a great job of teaching responsibility and safety to the kids on their team.

Here are a few photos of the whole team for you to enjoy!

pistol prodigies manchester michigan youth team, sports photograph michigan
I love the warm sunlight on the grass in this portrait, and the shadows in the foreground. Makes for an interesting group portrait!
pistol prodigies manchester michigan youth team, sports photograph michigan
Here’s the group with their sponsorship banner. The sun darted behind the clouds for this portrait, so we got a completely different feel to the image. Cool, huh?


For more information about the Pistol Prodigies, visit their website:  If you want to see how much the team has changed since last year, check out my post from last year!  They placed really well, and have many medals to show for it.  Pretty cool that there are still sports out there that are awarding based on merit still!