Betsy Finn Named Michigan’s Top 7 Photographer…

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Ypsilanti, Mich. – Local Dexter photographer Betsy Finn, of Betsy’s Photography, was named one of the Top 7 Photographers of 2008 by the Professional Photographers of Michigan. This award was given in recognition of Betsy’s accomplishments at the 2008 Print Competition.


The award for “Top 7 Photographer of 2008” is not based on a single image’s performance, but on the photographer’s overall score of the “top 4” images submitted. All of the prints Betsy entered received awards, including three “Awards of Excellence,” two “Gold Court” ribbons, and one “Award of Merit.” Her portrait of a local family was the recipient of two additional awards. The family portrait, “Three vs. One,” was the recipient of the award for the “2008 Highest Scoring First Time Entry,” and the “2008 Court of Honor Portrait” award.

The “Highest Scoring First Time Entry” award is given to the photographer with the best scoring print (of those entering the Professional Photographers of Michigan Print Competition for the first time).

The “2008 Court of Honor Portrait” award is also an honor to receive, as it is awarded to a select few of the judges’ favorite images from the competition.

When asked if she expected to receive these awards when attending the Professional Photographers of Michigan annual Banquet, Betsy replied, “I was so happy with how well my prints did, but I admit I was surprised to keep hearing my name called during awards. It is a great honor to be recognized for my photographs, especially since this competition included skilled photographers from the entire state of Michigan!”

The print competition was held in Ypsilanti, Michigan, during the state’s largest photography event, the Professional Photographers of Michigan Convention. A panel of nationally recognized judges – well known within the photographic industry, and all Masters of Photography, scored and judged over 300 images by professional photographers from all over Michigan. The Professional Photographers of Michigan is an affiliate of the national organization, Professional Photographers of America.

Betsy Finn, owner of Betsy’s Photography, is a Certified Professional Photographer and award-winning photographic artist. Earlier this year, her work received national recognition, when two of her prints hung in the 117th International Exhibition of Professional Photography. Betsy’s Photography studio is located in Dexter, Mich., and provides wedding & portrait services to clients in Southeast Michigan. For more information, visit the studio website:

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    that’s awesome

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    Way to go, girlfriend! You rock!

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    Congratulations Betsy! What a huge honor! You deserve it 🙂

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    I wonder if I should pretend I’m shocked or just act cool since I knew you could do it? Hmm, I’ll try both and then I’m coverd either way 😀

    WOW, really WOW this is so amazing and awesome super cool cocoa puffs!

    Yeah, I knew you could do it Betsy. 😉

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    Wow, chica, these are breathtaking!! Way to go, Betsy!!

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    Thank you! I’m excited still about this… taking it all in!


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    congratulations betsy!!! 🙂

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    Betsy, congratulations on your award. This is really terrific!

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    Thanks! 🙂

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    Great job! Loved the prints!! Congrats!!!

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    Words cannot describe the excitement we have in all of your accomplishments. Congratulations!!!!! Your high standards continue to be rewarded rightfully. Love Mom Finn

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    the picture of the carl kids is so cool, that one is by far my favorite! i love all of your photos betsy! congratulations! ~Kristina

  15. Betsy Finn

    Thanks! they were fun to photograph — lots of cute (and funny) expressions :).