Betsy Speaks to 700+ Photographers

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This January, Betsy was invited to speak in San Antonio at Imaging USA, a national convention for professional photographers. The convention drew over 10,000 photographers, who attended both continuing education courses and the trade show. In addition to speaking at the trade show twice, Betsy was also honored to be a a platform speaker for IUSA — as part of PPA’s GenNEXT program. The segment featured ten of PPA’s “up and coming” photographers under the age of 30, including Betsy Finn! Here’s a program flyer:

On the day of the GenNEXT program, hundreds of photographers filed into the room to learn from Betsy and the other featured photographers. After the program was over, one of the program sponsors informed us that Betsy spoke to an audience of around 700 photographers. Betsy had a great time sharing her ideas with so many photographers (see image of her speaking below):

As we mentioned earlier, Betsy also gave programs during the trade show, by the request of one of the software vendors whose program we rely on at the studio for day-to-day operations. While the crowd was a bit smaller than the 700 in attendance for her main program, Betsy did speak to a full crowd both days of the trade show:

We’re really excited to share this news with you, even though it is after the fact. It’s great to see local talent like Betsy being recognized on the national level! Congratulations Betsy, and we’re looking forward to seeing what you’ll do next.

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