About Betsy

A whole trip's worth of photos, ruined?

Thankfully not.  But that was my worry when I stood in line at airport security, requesting that my 30 rolls of film be manually swabbed rather than sent through the x-ray machine.  I was just a shy teenager, returning from my first solo foray into the world --  a month's stay in Cambridge, England.  

That seems like a lifetime ago.  

These days, my desire to capture what is precious remains.  But I have a deeper understanding of the word precious. 

My photos on that trip to England were mostly of nature, architecture.  I was a still a teenager.  I didn't fully "get" the point of taking photographs of people.

But that was before I grew up. Before I got married. Before I had pets. Before I had kids.

These days, I totally get it.  

Time is the enemy.  Our loved ones grow up, grow older, and pass on.

So, I've made it a point to spend time making memories now with my loved ones.  And I do the same for my clients.

I am living the dream.

Working with amazing people (like you!) to capture everyday memories in photographic form.  Portraits that will one day become priceless memories.

I'm looking forward to meeting you,

signed Betsy Finn, M.Photog.Cr.
Betsy Finn, M.Photog.Cr.

studio portrait of Betsy Finn, owner of Betsy's Photography
Betsy Finn, M.Photogr.Cr.
studio portrait of photographer Betsy Finn and her family, including their family dog.

Get to Know Betsy

  1. I was super shy as a kid
  2. As a child, I loved climbing trees barefoot.
  3. I couldn't decide what I wanted to major in during college, so I ended up with two majors (Business, Photography) and two minors (Art History, French).
  4. My husband is glad I didn't become a vet (or we would certainly have more than two cats, one dog, and countless fish).
  5. I love music and still play piano regularly.  I'm getting (much) better at sightreading too!
  6. My first baseball game was at the Tigers stadium - Cecil Fielder got a home run.
  7. I believe books are best read in one sitting (sadly, with kids, this is impossible!)
  8. I love avocados and dark chocolate (not necessarily together, although Jason Wrobel's recipe is amazing).
  9. I love being outdoors in nature, it restores my soul.
  10. I never thought I'd like audio books, but I'm learning they're kind of cool!
  11. I like improvising.  And abandoning directions when creating.


family portrait of photographer Betsy Finn with her family in the studio at Betsy's Photography

About Betsy's Photography Studio

More than a dozen people poured through my front door, glad for the warmth of my studio on a cold winter's day.  They were here for a multi-generational family portrait session.  Smiles greeted me on almost every face -- and my calm excitement seemed to reassure those few without smiles (yet!). 

You see, my studio is the perfect spot for any type of portrait experience. 

I've created extended family portraits here at my studio in Dexter.  During the warmer months, many of my clients love to be photographed outdoors at my studio, where I have a large grassy lawn (perfect for babies to crawl!) that buts up to an old growth wooded area.  Children flock to the playground for a quick moment to play, but ultimately we create gorgeous portraits in a natural setting. 

My studio is cozy and inviting, homey and welcoming. 

When I welcome you at the door, you're being invited in as more than just a client.  You are my guest. 

I want you to be relaxed, comfortable, and able to trust me throughout your entire portrait experience.

signed Betsy Finn, M.Photog.Cr.
Betsy Finn, M.Photog.Cr.


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betsy's photography studio interior dexter michigan photography studio
My studio is intimate, cozy, and professional. You'll love the atmosphere and the results!
My studio, featured in Professional Photographer Magazine!

Frequently Asked Questions

Studio Portraits of My Dog, Apollo!
This is my puppy! He's a sweet chocolate lab who is great with kids. We couldn't be more blessed!
Why should I trust you to create photos for my family?

I'm good at what I do. I've been called a baby whisperer by my clients. I have a knack for making people look natural and confident.  I can recall the clients who swore they never looked good in photographs -- but then they saw their portraits -- and loved how I captured the essence of their being (read what my past clients have to say about me in these testimonials).

Where are you located? 

My studio, Betsy's Photography, is located in Dexter, Michigan, just ten minutes from downtown Ann Arbor!

What are your hours?

All sessions and meetings are by appointment only. I do offer evening and weekend appointments.

What are your prices?

It's best to talk details with me in person or over the phone, but here is some basic investment information.

Can I have my portraits taken somewhere besides your studio?

Yes!  While my studio is a convenient choice for indoor or outdoor portraits, we can certainly discuss going on location -- to your home, a park, or elsewhere.  I've photographed sessions in Ann Arbor, Dexter, Chelsea, Manchester, on the shore of Lake Michigan, and many other fun spots!  Tell me what you have in mind, and we can make it happen.

How do I reserve my session?

To reserve your session, you pay a non-refundable retainer fee of $100.  This will be applied towards your session fee, the remainder of which is due the day of your session.

Do you have a baby's first year plan?

Yes! It's very popular, and is a great way to get the photos you know you are going to want.  Please contact me for details.

How far out do I need to schedule my session?

I recommend reserving your portrait session as soon as possible, as I accept a limited number of sessions weekly.  

Do you charge for retouching?

I personally retouch all photos that I create for you to eliminate acne, blemishes, etc.... at no additional charge. More extensive retouch requests are evaluated on a case by case basis.

Do you allow pets in the studio?

I am happy to include pets in your photo session, whether on location or in the studio.  Please mention this during the planning phase of your session so I can be prepared to welcome your pet properly.

What's the best way to contact you?

You can contact me by phone (734-424-0472) or use this email form to send me a message.


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