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First of all, I'm glad you stopped by!  Choosing a photographer can be tricky... but, I'm glad you've decided to learn more and see if we're a good match for each other.

A bit about me...

Born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan, I've lived briefly in Holland (Michigan), Lansing, and now call Dexter my home.  Family is important to my husband and me; we live within 30 minutes of numerous relatives whom our two boys get to see often.  Life is better with pets (we have a chocolate lab, two orange tabbies, and numerous fish).  I know perfection isn't possible in this life, but nevertheless am a perfectionist to the core.  I'm a creative person, always making, always doing, ever learning.  I love helping people smile (their real smile) and creating authentic portraits of my clients.

My skills and qualifications...

I've been creating portraits for clients since 2005. (read what my past clients have to say about me in these testimonials).  I've studied under numerous award-winning photographers, and have won my fair share of awards myself.  Before I turned 30, Professional Photographers of America named me one of its up and coming photographers to watch.  My images have been on display in local and international exhibitions, and I've earned two hard-to-come-by photography degrees: Master Photographer and Photographic Craftsman.

I'm good at what I do. I've been called a baby whisperer by my clients. I have a knack for making people look natural and confident.  I can recall the clients who swore they never looked good in photographs -- but then they saw my portraits -- and loved how I captured the essence of their being.  Photographs are a window to the soul. Make sure your photographer can reveal the real you.

How I can help you...

If you're like my past clients, you want a decent portrait, with a smile that isn't fake or awkward.  You want to look your best (or maybe a few pounds lighter, or a few wrinkles earlier).  You want a photographer who makes you feel comfortable and at ease -- you want to feel like we've known each other for years.

Maybe you know what you want to do with your photos after they're taken.  Or, maybe you don't.  Either way, I am here to help you.  Whatever your reason for planning a portrait session, together, we will make sure you get what you're envisioning.  But please understand that you're not just paying me to snap pictures. Anyone can do that.  You're commissioning me to create heirloom quality portraits of the most important people in your lives.  I'm good at what I do, and I will do my best to make sure you are beyond happy with the end results.

So, are you ready to see if we make a good team?  

If the answer is yes, I'd love to hear from you.

I'm looking forward to meeting you,

Betsy Finn, M.Photog.Cr.

Studio Portraits of My Dog, Apollo!FAQ

Where are you located? 

Our studio is located in Dexter, Michigan, just outside of Ann Arbor.

What are your hours?

All sessions and meetings are by appointment only. I do offer evening and weekend appointments.

What are your prices?

It's best to talk details with me in person or over the phone, but here is some basic investment information.

Do you go on location?

Yes, I offer studio and location sessions.

How do I reserve my session?

I accept a limited number of portrait sessions weekly, so you will need to pay a portion of the session fee in order to reserve your appointment (the remainder is due prior to your session).

Do you have a baby's first year plan?

Yes! It's very popular, and is a great way to get the photos you know you are going to want.  Please contact me for details.

Do you sell prints or digital files?

My goal is to provide you with finished art to enjoy, so most of the products I offer are not digital.  Of course, there are certain things that are digital in nature -- professional headshots, or the yearbook photo that I submit for high school seniors.  Don't worry, I've got you covered!

How far out do I need to schedule my session?

Due to seasonal flux, I recommend scheduling your portrait session several weeks in advance.  If you're planning a senior portrait session, the sooner, the better.

Do you charge for retouching?

I personally retouch all photos that I create for you to eliminate acne, blemishes, etc.... at no additional charge. More extensive retouch requests are evaluated on a case by case basis.

Do you allow pets in the studio?

I am happy to include pets in your photo session, whether on location or in the studio.  Please mention this during the planning phase of your session.

What's the best way to contact you?

You can contact me by phone (734-424-0472) or use this email form to send me a message.

Still want to know more?  Awesome!

I can't wait to get to know you, to learn about you, to find out how we can create some gorgeous portraits that really capture your vision.  In the meantime, you'll have to make do with some random tidbits of information about me.  Enjoy!

  1. I enjoy working on DIY renovation projects with my husband.
  2. I love coloring with my kids.
  3. My husband is glad I didn't become a vet (or we would certainly have more than two cats, one dog, and countless fish).
  4. I've played an alphorn (but am much better at piano, oboe, and singing).
  5. I remember seeing Cecil Fielder play at the old Tigers Stadium.
  6. On occasion, I still stay up late to finish reading a book in once sitting.
  7. I love avocados and dark chocolate (not necessarily together, although Jason Wrobel's recipe is amazing).
  8. I love being outdoors in nature, it restores my soul.
  9. I like snow. I like warm weather. I like rain. Just not the slushy freeze/thaw!
  10. I believe there's a fine line between living my life and documenting it -- and I don't want to miss out on experiencing those memories.