First of all, I'm glad you stopped by!  Choosing a photographer can be tricky... but, I'm glad you've decided to learn more and see if we're a good match for each other.

How am I different than other photographers you've been looking into?

I could list off some impressive degrees for you, to show you that I'm qualified (how about Master Photographer and Photographic Craftsman?).

Or maybe you want to know that I've been in the business for a while (yep, 15+ years).

Perhaps you want to make sure I'm creative and love what I do, because you are a connoisseur or good portrait photography (yes, and yes).

Then there's the whole budget thing -- can you afford me?  Well, that depends on your valuation of photographs and the artistic element that goes on behind the camera (I'm not the cheapest, but you get what you pay for).

In the end, it really all boils down to one thing.  Once you've checked the "must-haves" off your list, you really just need a photographer who understands you.  Can we relate? Can we vibe?  (that sounds a little teen angsty, I apologize).  But having a good rapport is crucial to getting good results.  If you don't feel comfortable with your photographer, how will you be relaxed in front of the camera?

I'm good at what I do. I've been called a baby whisperer by my clients. I have a knack for making people look like their best-but-still-relaxed selves.  I can recall the clients who swear they never look good in photographs -- only to see the end results and tell me that I captured the essence of their being.  Photographs are a window to the soul. And I want your photographs to reflect the real you.

So, are you ready to see if we make a good team?  If the answer is yes, I'd love to hear from you.

I'm looking forward to meeting you,

Betsy Finn, M.Photog.Cr.

Betsy Finn, Master Photographer, Photographic Craftsman.  Dexter, Michigan Portrait Photographer
Betsy Finn, Master Photographer, Photographic Craftsman.  Dexter, Michigan Portrait Photographer

On a more personal note...since my "get to know Betsy" paragraphs tend to ramble terribly, so let's make this a bullet point list!

  1. My husband and I have two fantastic boys who make even the worst day one worth smiling about.  
  2. We have two cats and will be getting a dog soon (animal lovers unite!).
  3. I took piano lessons for most of my childhood (by my insistence).
  4. I always wanted to play baseball when I was little.... ended up "settling" for soccer and swimming instead (seriously, it's all good).
  5. I was, and still am, an avid bookworm (it's just harder to read my preferred books since having kids).
  6. I love avocados and dark chocolate (not necessarily together, although Jason Wrobel's recipe is delish).
  7. I love being outdoors in nature, it restores my soul.
  8. I think there's nothing better than living in a four season state!
  9. I'm an overachiever and a perfectionist.. and yes, I'm still working on finding that inner peace about not having enough time to "do it all."
  10. I believe there's a fine line between living my life and documenting it -- and I don't want to miss out on experiencing those memories.