There are many hats I wear throughout the week, but I always am reminded of the importance of memories. Making memories, creating lasting legacies, and making the world a better place by inspiring you and others to find your inner creative spirit. Everyone knows family memories are important, but sometimes remembering to enjoy and document them is the tough part. Life just moves so quickly! Whether it’s capturing “snapshot moments” or mentally storing priceless memories we’ll remember fondly years from now, join me as I work on living fully in the present instead of just behind the camera. Because, let’s face it, life happens even when you don’t have a camera at the ready. — Betsy

My First Car (Grandma’s Car) – Snapshot Story

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Snapshots tell so many stories, they take us back to a particular time and place. This snapshot is of me, my brother, and his friend as we were about to leave for school one day. In my car — my … Read More

Baby Photos With White Eye Instead of Red Eye Might Be Cancer…

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So, you’re probably familiar with red eye …it’s that pesky red dot that appears in photos when you use the on camera flash. Red eye is normal — the flash is reflecting off your retina.  What’s not normal, though, is if … Read More

5 Tips for Capturing the Colors of Fall in Your Outdoor Portraits

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This year the signs are pointing to an early — and hard — winter. We had autumn leaves on our deck today, we’ve seen deer with antlers earlier than usual, and my friend reported that up north the trees are … Read More

3 Tips for a Successful Outdoor Portrait Session

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When planning a portrait session for someplace outside, you have to do a little more planning.  There are more variables to consider, more possibilities, more potential problems.  A little later on, I’ll share 3 tips to make sure you have a … Read More

Move and Groove

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If you have kids, you probably know they love being active.  I know my toddler does!  So when we got the chance to review a game called Move & Groove (#afflink), I was very excited.  It’s a game that is built around movement … Read More

The Super Run Comes to Ann Arbor (+Giveaway!)

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Every kid loves super heroes, right? While I know there are probably some exceptions to that rule, my toddler is a super hero fan.  He likes spiderman (who uses webs to catch bad guys), superman (maybe from the “superman glide” … Read More

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