There are many hats I wear throughout the week, but I always am reminded of the importance of memories. Making memories, creating lasting legacies, and making the world a better place by inspiring you and others to find your inner creative spirit. Everyone knows family memories are important, but sometimes remembering to enjoy and document them is the tough part. Life just moves so quickly! Whether it’s capturing “snapshot moments” or mentally storing priceless memories we’ll remember fondly years from now, join me as I work on living fully in the present instead of just behind the camera. Because, let’s face it, life happens even when you don’t have a camera at the ready. — Betsy

Letter Recognition Game

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Toby knows a lot of his alphabet, but we’re still working on letter recognition. So, this summer we spent some time out on the deck playing a letter recognition game. It also incorporates gross motor skills, which was great for … Read More

Nature Art: An Exercise in Process Art

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To say that my son loves Dinosaur Train (#afflink) is an understatement. He is nuts about the show. Probably in part because it’s one of the few times he gets screen time (we allow him to watch sports games now and then … Read More

10 Things to Consider When Planning Your Portrait Session

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One of the things I frequently hear when helping my clients plan their portrait sessions is the desire for individuality, for the pictures to reflect who they are and what they enjoy. I love finding ways to incorporate hobbies and … Read More

Our Experience With the Animal Trackers Club

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When I was growing up, I have fond memories of waiting for my monthly subscriptions to several kid magazines to come in the mail.  Filled with fun facts, craft ideas, and a neat pull out poster, these magazines were the … Read More

5 Things to Include in Your Newborn Photos

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It’s always a debate whether you should include accessories in newborn portraits.  Babies are so adorable to begin with… you don’t *need* to add anything else.  But, if you wanted to add some finishing touches, here are my suggestions. 1. … Read More

Getting Ready for School

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This week my son starts preschool. He has been excited since he overheard us talking about whether to do preschool this year or wait another year. We have his backpack ready to go (complete with a DIY decorated name tag), … Read More

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