There are many hats I wear throughout the week, but I always am reminded of the importance of memories. Making memories, creating lasting legacies, and making the world a better place by inspiring you and others to find your inner creative spirit. Everyone knows family memories are important, but sometimes remembering to enjoy and document them is the tough part. Life just moves so quickly! Whether it’s capturing “snapshot moments” or mentally storing priceless memories we’ll remember fondly years from now, join me as I work on living fully in the present instead of just behind the camera. Because, let’s face it, life happens even when you don’t have a camera at the ready. — Betsy

Learn About Hue (+printable)

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This week we’ll be learning about hue for our ABCs of Photography series.  What is hue? Hue refers to color.  It can be tricky to explain if you look at the technical definition… like the one found at Steve’s Digicams: Hue … Read More

Getting Ready For Gardening (our plan of action for this year)

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Spring is finally in the air.  The snow is gone (well, we still have remnants from a few snow banks), we have started planning what yard work needs to be done, and where our seedlings will go inside the house … Read More

Small Victories Sunday {42}

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The week has flown by!  We had a fun vacation in Florida, a much needed break from the daily routine.  We all got some nice Florida sunshine, played some golf, and visited friends and family.  One of the highlights, for me, … Read More

DIY Travel First Aid Kit

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Every parents needs a mini first aid kit in their purse, backpack, or diaper bag.  I can’t count the number of times we’ve needed “ouchy cream” (home-crafted healing salve) to soothe a boo boo, or a bandage for an accidentally scraped … Read More

10 Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

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One of my favorite parts about spring is celebrating Easter.  And with Easter, comes the necessity of making Easter eggs.  Over the years, I’ve enjoyed decorating eggs a number of different ways — but the traditionally dyed hard boiled eggs, along with … Read More

Small Victories Sunday {41}

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Life seems to fly by some days, doesn’t it?  There have been weeks that have seemed to vanish in a flash.  I guess that could be good or bad, depending on how that week went, huh.  Anyways, here’s another installment … Read More

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