Ms. K :: Business Portrait

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Ms. K came to the studio to have me create a professional portrait. We ended up with two final favorites — one a little more business-like, the other more traditional portrait style. I’m sure these images will come in useful for Ms. K as she uses them to enhance her online identity. Having a professional image is really important — because people make split-second decisions as … Read More

Lauren :: 2011 Dexter High School Senior

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Lauren is a senior from Dexter High School. We had done her indoor senior portraits earlier in the summer, and recently completed her outdoor senior session. Here are a few favorites from Lauren’s outdoors session. I think they all turned out great! And, like most seniors, Lauren ended up with a wonderful keepsake album to remember all of her amazing portraits. Here are some more images … Read More

Ginger + Cinnamon

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The girls are getting so big!! Here are some relaxed portraits of Ginger and Cinnamon. Cinnamon definitely has a little more girth to her than Ginger, but they both are really adorable. This is Ginger — she likes to lounge in our reclining chair. Oh, and chase her tail there too, but that’s another story (yes, our cats like to play with their own tails). Here … Read More

Siblings :: Location Portrait

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Before it turned cold, I created a family portrait for the S. family. Unlike a typical portrait where everyone was involved, we decided to have this session focus on the kids. Well, adult-aged kids, that is. Both siblings were back in town on college break, so we went to Gallup Park to create some unique sibling portraits.

Andrew :: Pioneer Senior Pictures

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Are you planning your senior pictures and want information? You’re almost there… follow this link to learn about our senior portrait services. Andrew is a 2011 senior at Pioneer High School in Ann Arbor. For his senior portrait session, we decided to go on location. Since Andrew is a musician, we talked about what instruments he might like to incorporate. We settled on the marimba! Accordingly, … Read More

Award-Winning Portraits :: Detroit Competition

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Yesterday evening, I was in Detroit for a local print competition, held by the Detroit Professional Photographers’ Association (DPPA). As usual, I helped behind the scenes (tallying and recording scores this time around), and got to have a unique perspective as events unfolded. I entered five portraits and one landscape. The landscape received a red ribbon (award of merit), and all five portraits received blue ribbons … Read More

Baby Progress…

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Today we got to find out we are expecting a baby boy! Sadly for my niece, she remains the only girl among her Finn cousins. Such is life! While they captured a number of detail images for “doctor” purposes, we got to take home this selection of four pictures. Baby was pretty fidgety during the ultrasounds, but the technician was able to check everything she needed … Read More

Family Portrait :: Chelsea, MI

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The W. family came to the studio recently to have their portrait done. After creating their main portrait, mom asked if we could add a little fun into the mix — she had brought along Chelsea Bulldogs shirts for the family to wear! Of course, I said yes! So, we ended up with another fun portrait for the W. family to enjoy.

Four Generation Family Portrait :: Chelsea, Michigan

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This summer, Linda planned a four generation family portrait! We decided to create the family portrait at her mother’s farmhouse near Chelsea. And I think the results are absolutely priceless. We actually created two separate portraits — one with four generations of women (Linda, her mom, one of Linda’s daughters, and her granddaughter), and the other with three generations (Linda, her mom, and Linda’s other daughter).

Alexa :: Chelsea Senior Portrait

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Alexa goes to Chelsea High School, and is a senior this year! She is a really creative senior, interested in photography, painting, and the arts! So, for Alexa’s senior portrait session, we decided to incorporate some of her artwork into the portraits (see the last outdoor portrait, which showcases a lot of her favorite photographs!). Of course, I told Alexa to bring her cameras with her… … Read More

Featured in Professional Photographer Magazine

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Exciting news! Betsy was recently named one of professional photography’s top ten photographers under the age of 30. An article in Professional Photographer featured the ten up-and-coming photography studios who received this honor. The GenNEXT studios, including Betsy’s Photography, were hand-picked from Professional Photographers of America’s (PPA) membership of more than 22,000 photographers around the world. In addition to being featured in Professional Photographer magazine, the … Read More

Northern Michigan Mini-Trip

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This past weekend, Steven and I took a mini vacation up north. We didn’t really have a set agenda, but wanted to drive through Gaylord, and maybe get to Traverse City. We managed to visit both places, as well as a few more! On Friday, we stopped by a studio sale to pick up some new props, and had dinner with some friends in Southeast Michigan … Read More

Featured in Local Paper

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A few weeks ago, I was interviewed about my studio by a writer for Abec’s Small Business Review (Ann Arbor Edition). One of my friends got their hands on the latest September edition, and after discovering I was featured on the back page, dropped off a copy for me! Since the paper doesn’t automatically convert everything to their web edition, I thought I’d share a preview … Read More

Michael :: Studio Portrait

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Michael came to the studio the other day because he was in need of an updated professional portrait. He is currently in the process of getting into medical school! Anyways, here is the image we created for Michael: Best of luck with the rest of your studies, I’m sure it will be very exciting when you are able culminate your schooling and become a practicing doctor!

Baby G :: Newborn Portrait

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Baby G finally arrived… and we finally got her into the studio for her newborn portraits. Since she was a couple weeks old already, Baby G was pretty active! We did manage to lure her halfway to sleeping… and ended up with some wonderful portraits of her awake and asleep. I absolutely *love* this portrait of her in the basket… what a cute smile on baby!

Two’s company… Three’s a family!

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Since I’m my own boss, and I’ve got everything under control… there’s no need to keep the excitement under wraps (well, for any longer!). Steven and I are expecting our first little Finn :)… sometime in March of 2011. It’s all very exciting, we’ve been getting lots of advice and tips from everyone who is already a parent… of course! Here’s our 10 week ultrasound, which … Read More

Peanut :: Newborn Portrait

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Baby Peanut came to the studio a couple days after she was born… boy was she tiny! Her parents participated in the session too, and we created some adorable family portraits for them to enjoy. Peanut was a joy to have in the studio — she mostly slept, and aside from a feeding break, things were pretty uneventful! Since we did these portraits, Peanut has gained … Read More

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