Senior Portraits with Fall Colors

I love doing senior portraits during autumn. The colors are vibrant, transient, and beautiful. The colorful leaves provide a change of pace from summer green, and it’s usually still warm enough to forgo heavy jackets. Here are some favorites from a senior portrait I did during autumn at Nichols Arboreteum. The fall colors really add another dimension to these images. As an aside, I love including … Read More

Senior Portraits in Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor has such a nice variety of locations and settings for creating your portraits! For this senior portrait session, we chose two spots in Ann Arbor that are almost iconic. — Nichols Arboreteum and Graffiti Alley. An interesting juxtaposition, I might add. Nichols Arboreteum has acres of undeveloped land. There are a variety of natural areas: rolling hills with grassy open fields, deeply wooded areas, … Read More

Senior Portraits :: Courtney

Courtney came to the studio for her senior portraits, and after discussing numerous location options, we decided to stay at the studio. You’d never know it from the portraits we created, but it was a ridiculously hot and humid day. Courtney’s senior portraits are so gorgeous; I love how the color of her dress contrasts with the vivid green hues of nature. We also created a … Read More

Summer Portraits :: Sisters

These adorable sisters came to the studio on a nice (albeit hot) summer day. We started indoors, and then after doing some more formal portraits we created several more casual portraits outdoors here at the studio. I absolutely love the colors of these dresses, and the detail work was absolutely gorgeous too.

Dogs + People

It’s always fun to photograph dogs with their people!  Creating these portraits of Susan with her two dogs, Malia and Zihna, was a pleasure.  I enjoy animals of all kinds, but we’re still only a cat-only family, so it’s always fun when I get to play with puppies! Enjoy this series of images from her session. Oh, and in case you’re bemoaning the fact that your dogs would … Read More

Making the Choice: School or Home? (…9 parents share)

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As we count down the days left until school starts, it’s a good a time as any to cover the ever popular topic of schooling choices.  Specifically, whether to send your kids to school or keep them out of the school system and homeschool.  Rather than trying to argue one side or the other, I figured it would be more helpful to get input from parents … Read More

Michigan Pasty Recipe – Meat Hand Pie

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While Michigan doesn’t have an official state food, in the UP (upper peninsula), there is a fond love for the pasty.  Pasties are meat hand pies, and depending on who you ask, a pasty may or may not have specific filling ingredients (potatoes, onions, rutabaga, carrots, meat).  A little further on, I’ll share our recipe for Michigan Pasties, but first, a bit of history. According to … Read More

Senior Photos in the Backyard? 3 Reasons you should consider it!

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Can you do senior pictures in your own back yard?  Sure!  High school senior pictures don’t have to be in the studio anymore.  These days, it’s possible to hire a photographer to go on location, even to your own backyard, and have senior photos taken there.  Where you have many memories. Where the setting is meaningful to you.  Don’t think that these senior portraits will cut … Read More

Don’t Lose Your Pictures

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Last year, my child accidentally did a factory reset on my phone. And he wiped the micro SD card clean too. At first I was furious. He should know better than to mess with Mommy’s phone, right? But then I took a breather. He was only three, after all. He thought the pattern passcode on my lock was a fun new game. And, I obviously neglected … Read More

Learn About Overexposure (and Underexposure)

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Today we’re talking about exposure — overexposure (and underexposure)  As relates to cameras.  I’ll be simplifying it for kids, as has been the norm with my Photography ABCs series.  Make sure to read through to the end, because I’m sharing three activity ideas to help kids learn about overexposure and underexposure.  So, let’s get started.  What’s exposure?  Or, more specifically, what are overexposure and underexposure? Underexposed, … Read More

Quick & Easy: DIY Creative Gift Wrapping for Kids

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Even though we save gift bags and keep a (small) stash of wrapping paper, it seems like my go-to preference is for homemade gift wrapping.  It involves the kids in the gift giving process more, and depending on what paper I am able to reuse, is eco-friendly too. When we put together gifts for the grandparents a while back, I tried something different than my normal artwork-repurposed-into-wrapping-paper method. … Read More

Learn About Negative (+Coloring Page Printable)

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Working my way through the Photography ABCs has been fun!  We’re at letter N this week, so I thought we’d talk about negative.  There are a number of different meanings for the word negative as relates to photography.  It can be the actual film negative, or a description of how the image is negative rather than positive (dark tones are light, light tones are dark), or … Read More

Why You Shouldn’t Give Up Piano (or whatever instrument you play)

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I’m that kid.  The one who begged her mother for piano lessons at the young age of …um… maybe five?  My grandmother, an organist and pianist, was my first teacher.  From there on, I loved it.  We found a sweet lady down the street from us as my next teacher; I remember getting on my bike and pedaling over to her house, two streets away.  My brother … Read More

20 Questions About Dad (For Your Child to Answer)

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Earlier this month I shared a post with 20 questions about mom that I asked Toby; it was really cute to see his answers.  So, for Father’s Day, I thought we’d recreate the list of questions, but this time ask the questions about daddy! 1. What is something dad always says to you? I love you. 2. What makes dad happy? That I play with him. 3. What … Read More

Learn to Ride a Bike …how we skipped training wheels completely

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It seems like training wheels are a right of passage.  But, recently, there’s been a trend to forgo the training wheel phase completely.  I have to admit, I was intrigued with this idea when I heard about it a few years ago. We did end up getting a balance bike, and while I was secretly hoping that my son, Toby, would learn to ride a pedal bike without … Read More

Learn About Macro

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And it’s time for one of my favorite terms in the ABCs of Photography series – M is for Macro! I have enjoyed macro photography for a long time.  Plants, bugs, and other small items can be really neat to see larger than life.  Or, if you’re a kid at heart, legos. That’s why I picked this stock image for today’s post — I have always … Read More

30 Tips for Going On a Road Trip with Kids (a parent’s survival guide)

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Last summer we took the boys on a multi-state road trip.  And we survived.  Surprisingly, we made good time too.  So, as we geared up to plan another road trip this summer, I thought I would share some tips with you, a road trip survival guide of sorts, for taking young kids on road trips. This list is by no means all inclusive, but it should … Read More

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