Make Your Own Fabric Play Fort Kit!

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As a child, I loved making forts with my brother — we would remove the cushions from our sofa and reconfigure things to make a fort with a roof, windows, and even a door (another cushion).  This play fort kit is inspired by those memories, as I wanted to give my boys something that would inspire them to play creatively and use their imaginations. What better way to do … Read More

Potty Training – Advice from 10 Moms Who’ve Been There

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Ok, I have to admit. I’m not all that familiar with the “normal” methods of potty training. We went a little crunchy in this department — my boys started using the potty when they were less than a year old. I’ve asked some moms to share their thoughts on potty training and what worked for them, so you can get a well rounded perspective on the … Read More

How to Make Boxes from Greeting Cards

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I don’t remember exactly when I learned to make boxes from greeting cards, but I do remember where I was taught and who was there.  It was a family gathering, around Christmastime. For whatever reason, one of my extended relatives was teaching us how to make these neat boxes.  I think it was because she had given a gift in a greeting card box and everyone was really … Read More

Learn About Jaggies (Graph Paper Coloring Activity)

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For Today’s ABCs of Photography, we’re learning about a slang term for pixelization: “jaggies.”  The term refers to how a computer uses square pixels to create diagonal and curved lines. The more pixels there are in a line, the smoother the line will appear. And the opposite is true too. The fewer pixels there are, the more the jagged the line will appear. Jagged. Jaggies. See … Read More

Learn About Hue (+printable)

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This week we’ll be learning about hue for our ABCs of Photography series.  What is hue? Hue refers to color.  It can be tricky to explain if you look at the technical definition… like the one found at Steve’s Digicams: Hue is the color part of color. When we say a color is blue, purple, or yellow, we’re generally talking about hue. Technically, hue is “the degree … Read More

DIY Travel First Aid Kit

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Every parents needs a mini first aid kit in their purse, backpack, or diaper bag.  I can’t count the number of times we’ve needed “ouchy cream” (home-crafted healing salve) to soothe a boo boo, or a bandage for an accidentally scraped knee.  And sure, they sell first aid kits of all sizes.  I’ve bought a number of those travel first aid kits myself.  But, the thing is, … Read More

10 Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

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One of my favorite parts about spring is celebrating Easter.  And with Easter, comes the necessity of making Easter eggs.  Over the years, I’ve enjoyed decorating eggs a number of different ways — but the traditionally dyed hard boiled eggs, along with hand-blown eggs, are my favorites. I’ll get into the details of how we do things in a little bit, but first I wanted to help inspire … Read More

Learn about Grayscale (printable coloring page!)

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For this week’s ABCs of Photography, we’re going to learn about grayscale.  Depending on who you ask, it’s also spelled gray-scale, or gray scale. But let’s not get into that, eh? In a grayscale image, there are no color tones, so things that have color look black, white, or various shades of gray. defines grayscale as follows: a scale of achromatic colors having several, usually … Read More

A Gift Guide to Inspire – 56 Different Things To Give As Gifts

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Last year I got the opportunity to evaluate and review a bunch of different products. They ranged from baby items and kitchen gadgets to tech gear and art stuff.  This list is the result of that experiment… 56 random things you may find useful — either as gifts, or for yourself. I’m sharing this in the hopes that you find it helpful as you brainstorm gift … Read More

Learn about Flash with 3 fun activities!

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This week for our ABCs of Photography series, we’re learning about flash.  Yes, like the flash on your camera.  Since we learned about existing light for the letter “E” …it only seemed fitting to learn about an artificial light source like flash for letter “F” …right? Anyway, defines flash photography like this: photography using a momentary flash of artificial light as a source of illumination. I’m not … Read More

Things In Our House Board Game

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Toby loves reading. And Dr. Seuss books are no exception. So in honor of Read Across America day, we put together a board game based on the Dr. Seuss classic, “In a People House” (#afflink).  And, to help you join in the fun, I’ve created a free printable board game template for you to print out and design your own custom board game too! We actually … Read More

Irish Soda Bread (with Gluten-Free Adaptation!)

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To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, we often bake Irish Soda Bread. This family recipe is one I grew up with, and I’m pleased to tell you my boys love it too. When I take my Irish Soda Bread to potlucks or dinner parties, I’m usually asked for the recipe at least once (if not more than that). People love it. I’m not sure if it’s the … Read More

Learn About Existing Light (Scavenger Hunt with Free Printable!)

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I decided to mix things up a little bit for our ABCs of Photography and depart from the logical choice for letter “E” — exposure. That gets a little more into the technical aspects of photography that I was envisioning for this series. So instead, we’ll learn about existing light (also known as ambient light or available light). defines these three terms as follows: the … Read More

Nature Photography For Kids

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Getting kids excited about nature doesn’t have to take a lot of planning or prep work.  It’s as simple as heading outdoors.  Or, if the weather isn’t conducive to being outside, as simple as finding a window to observe nature! Toby and I have had a lot of fun observing nature, and talking about the intricacies of the world in which we live.  I enjoy these … Read More

Taking a Selfie: 5 Tips + Tools

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If you take it from my toddler, the secret to taking a great selfie is to take many many photos.  Just push that button and keep going!  Here’s a sampling of the images I found on my smartphone the other day after Toby was finished using it to talk to his grandparents on the car ride home from doing errands. Found a plethora of new pics on my … Read More

Learn About Double Exposure

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Well, I was going to spend today’s post talking about digital, or depth of field, but then I thought of something more exciting – double exposure! So, let’s get the ball rolling and learn about double exposure for the letter “D” in my ABCs of Photography series. Now, what’s a double exposure?  According to, double exposure is: 1. the act of exposing the same film, frame, plate, … Read More

Some Mornings You Just Need to Stay Home

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I have to tell you, I love being a mom.  I love seeing my boys grow and develop, watching them refine their social skills and practice empathy. It feels good to be able to take them to activities like preschool, swimming, music class, and other activities outside the home.  But sometimes, it can feel a little overwhelming.  Sometimes all the hustle and bustle can make you feel worn … Read More

I’m Glad You *GLOW* To School With Me Valentine (+Printable)

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This year marks a milestone for us — Toby’s first Valentine’s Day at school.  As we’ve geared up for Valentine’s Day with our Valentine Blessings activity and by making Heart Cracker Crisps, Toby has gotten understandably excited.  One of his big concerns was “will I get Valentines from my friends too?” Why yes, that’s the plan.  And as we’ve gotten closer to the “big day” (the preschool class … Read More

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