Learn About Existing Light (Scavenger Hunt with Free Printable!)

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I decided to mix things up a little bit for our ABCs of Photography and depart from the logical choice for letter “E” — exposure. That gets a little more into the technical aspects of photography that I was envisioning for this series. So instead, we’ll learn about existing light (also known as ambient light or available light). Dictionary.com defines these three terms as follows: the … Read More

Nature Photography For Kids

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Getting kids excited about nature doesn’t have to take a lot of planning or prep work.  It’s as simple as heading outdoors.  Or, if the weather isn’t conducive to being outside, as simple as finding a window to observe nature! Toby and I have had a lot of fun observing nature, and talking about the intricacies of the world in which we live.  I enjoy these … Read More

Taking a Selfie: 5 Tips + Tools

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If you take it from my toddler, the secret to taking a great selfie is to take many many photos.  Just push that button and keep going!  Here’s a sampling of the images I found on my smartphone the other day after Toby was finished using it to talk to his grandparents on the car ride home from doing errands. Found a plethora of new pics on my … Read More

Learn About Double Exposure

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Well, I was going to spend today’s post talking about digital, or depth of field, but then I thought of something more exciting – double exposure! So, let’s get the ball rolling and learn about double exposure for the letter “D” in my ABCs of Photography series. Now, what’s a double exposure?  According to Dictionary.com, double exposure is: 1. the act of exposing the same film, frame, plate, … Read More

Some Mornings You Just Need to Stay Home

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I have to tell you, I love being a mom.  I love seeing my boys grow and develop, watching them refine their social skills and practice empathy. It feels good to be able to take them to activities like preschool, swimming, music class, and other activities outside the home.  But sometimes, it can feel a little overwhelming.  Sometimes all the hustle and bustle can make you feel worn … Read More

I’m Glad You *GLOW* To School With Me Valentine (+Printable)

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This year marks a milestone for us — Toby’s first Valentine’s Day at school.  As we’ve geared up for Valentine’s Day with our Valentine Blessings activity and by making Heart Cracker Crisps, Toby has gotten understandably excited.  One of his big concerns was “will I get Valentines from my friends too?” Why yes, that’s the plan.  And as we’ve gotten closer to the “big day” (the preschool class … Read More

Learn About Cameras: Make a Camera Obscura

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I’m really excited about our activity for the letter C in my ABCs of Photography series: camera obscura.  Yes, we’re going to make another cardboard camera today!  I promise it’s pretty simple. Now, in case you’re thinking: “camera whatzit?”  Bear with me a minute.  The term camera obscura is from Latin, and means “dark room.”  Camera obscura is defined by Dictionary.com as follows: a darkened boxlike device in … Read More

Why You Should Backup Your Phone Pictures Regularly

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Take it from me… you want to back up your phone pictures regularly.  I know this from experience.  I learned the hard way. It’s not like I lost that many images, in the big scheme of things. And it’s not like I lost the memories that those photos documented.  But still, the entire thing was preventable…. avoidable. How I almost lost three months’ worth of phone snapshots … Read More

Coloring Rocks With Permanent Markers

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This is probably the easiest activity ever.  All you need are some rocks, permanent markers, and a “safe” spot for letting your kid get creative.  And of course, by that, I mean some place that permanent markers can be used without getting on anything of significance. And that’s all! Toby spent a good amount of time coloring the rocks; he also asked for help putting his name … Read More

Learn About Bokeh (a simple hands on experiment for any age)

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I’m excited to talk about another photography concept today, as part of my ABCs of Photography series! Last week we learned about aperture with a DIY simplified model camera.  This week we are talking about bokeh!  Now, what is bokeh?  No, not the boca burger.  I’m talking about the photography term.  Dictionary.com defines bokeh as follows: bokeh: a Japanese term for the subjective aesthetic quality of out-of-focus areas … Read More

Heart Cracker Crisps

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l have to admit, when I made these crackers I was a bit sad I couldn’t try them (we’re doing the Whole30 this month).  But, my toddler loved the crackers, so they have to be good! This recipe is so simple you will want to stock up on crackers.  It can be adapted for gluten free too. So, what did we do? Well, last month we hosted a … Read More

Learn About Aperture Using a Simplified DIY Model Camera

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I’m excited to be working through the alphabet with some fun activities to help kids learn about photography!  Today we’re talking about Aperture.  Make sure to check out my introduction to the series (The ABCs of Photography). So, let’s get started! What is Aperture? The definition of aperture, from Dictionary.com: Also called aperture stop. Optics. an opening, usually circular, that limits the quantity of light that can … Read More

Valentine’s Day Blessing Activity

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I grew up loving the Berenstain Bears books, and it is so fun to see my son enjoy the adventures of the Bear family too.  What’s neat is that Mike Berenstain (Stan and Jan’s son) continued his parents’ legacy by continuing the series!  This book-based activity is inspired by one such book… The Berenstain Bears’ Valentine Blessings #afflink. It’s a cute story about a valentine Brother Bear … Read More

Studio Toddler Portrait

Toddler portraits are always a pleasure to create. Beyond the baby phase, it’s easy to see their personalities start to emerge. In this case, it was really cute to see how much my little subject LOVED all the chairs in my studio. We spent most of the session trying out different chairs (of course, I was creating portraits as she tried them).

Race Car Math

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Toby has been enthralled with race cars lately.  It may be partly because he got a number of them as gifts.   Whatever the reason, I thought we could take advantage of his enthusiasm and work on his math skills.  Especially since he was having difficulty differentiating between pairs and single items when counting the number of matches in our photo memory game. So, I told Toby … Read More

Balloons! 10 Easy Indoor Activity Ideas

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With the chill of winter in full swing, we’ve been getting a little antsy.  The single digit weather requires indoor entertainment.  And on that front, balloons have delivered.  I’m going to share 10 easy indoor activity ideas with balloons. I’ll add the obligatory notice about not letting balloons get into the hands of babies or younger children who could suffocate on the plastic, and then let’s get … Read More

Finding Ways for Kids to Discover Nature

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Nature is a wonderful thing.  It’s beautiful.  Sometimes pristine, usually affected by suburbia.  Regardless of whether you can find “unspoiled” natural areas near you, there are still plenty of opportunities to discover nature.  Even if you live in the city.  Originally, I’d planned to talk about symmetry in nature, and how we can find patterns and repetition in naturally occurring objects around us, but due to … Read More

5 Tips for When You Spill a Drink on Your Computer

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Please enjoy this guest post from Zack Davis, longtime friend and fellow geek.  He posted the other day about having to rescue his new computer from the attack of an errant pop can.  And fortunately, he knew exactly what steps to take. But are you prepared?  Do you know what to do when a drink spills on your computer, or any technology, for that matter? If … Read More

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