Christmas Cactus

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I love flowers and plants.  And while it’s taken me a while to get up the courage to maintain them… (I blame the cats – they like to eat greens) — we have finally done so in the past year.  Not a huge variety – spider plants, African violets, and a Christmas cactus are all that have really thrived thus far.  I won’t talk about my failed attempts at wheatgrass for the cats (it seems to yellow and die …maybe not enough light?), or the fern that I am trying to have survive in the studio.  Oh, there is one more survivor — a fern in our kitchen.  One of the big problems in our house is light. Despite all the lovely windows, the forest behind us just limits the amount of light that we get on the south side of our house.  So, if you have any tips for plants (cat-friendly) that don’t need too much light, I’m all ears.

Anyways, here is the first ever bloom from our Christmas cactus cutting!  It’s survived the cats, an excited toddler, and the harsh growing environment.  Plus, there are more blooms on the way!


Snapshot tip: When taking photos of flowers, make sure to use your camera’s macro setting if your point and shoot has one.  They usually do a pretty good job of making the background fall out of focus or be blurry.  I took this with my point and shoot, though I don’t remember whether I used manual settings or the automatic macro.  Getting the right spot of a flower in focus is honestly the toughest part.  I probably spent about 5 minutes to find my sweet spot for this image (and that’s once I found the angle I liked.