Crafts and Artwork for Kids

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It’s been so much fun crafting with my toddler lately. I found a lot of Advent and Christmas-themed craft ideas (thanks Pinterest, among other places). He has really been excited about an almost daily craft, and I’ve been grateful not to have to think up all these cute ideas myself. So far, we’ve made a family tree, a decoupaged candle holder, a “pocket” to hold promises (in our case, toddler-selected Bible verses), and today…well, we got sidetracked and just did free form painting on the computer. They learn so much from actual hands-on crafts, so I’ve been avoiding computer-related art for the most part. But I figure once in a while doesn’t hurt. He really enjoyed seeing how the “pen” made the paintbrush move and create colors on screen. Yes, I let him use my stylus and tablet; no, it didn’t get broken.

Who knows, maybe we will turn this into the cover of a notecard so that we can send “thinking about you” notes to others… that would be a good for learning about spreading goodwill and focusing on giving rather than getting. I’m looking forward to some more days of crafting this December; it will be lots of fun!

P.S. If you don’t already have an artist easel for your toddler, this might be a great present. We have one like this KidKraft Artist Easel, and the built-in storage is great. I store extra crayons, looseleaf paper, coloring books, and even homemade play dough in a wicker basket on the shelf underneath the easel.

5 Responses

  1. Rachel

    Thanks for linking up with the #smallvictoriessunday linky. I like the idea to use the craft for note cards. A great gift for anytime of the year.

  2. Betsy Finn

    Yes, indeed Rachel! Thanks for hosting :).

  3. Amy @ItsAMindfulLife

    Hello! I love the artwork- you are right- this would be a fun notecard. How about for thank you notes to use from the kids for gifts. How fun to get a handmade thank you note! (Dropping in from The Small Victories Sunday Linky.)

  4. Betsy Finn

    Thank you notes would be perfect, Amy! We actually use leftover (i.e. colored) coloring pages to wrap gifts for others, so the thank you note idea would be right up our alley 🙂