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Betsy Finn of Betsy’s Photography was featured in today’s issue of the Dexter Leader! Read on below for the whole article, which features Betsy Finn, her photographs, and discusses her photographic inspiration. Special thanks goes to the Dexter Leader for allowing Betsy’s Photography to post the article on our blog.


Dexter Village photographer’s work honored in Florida

By Sean Dalton, staff writer, Dexter Leader

A Dexter photographer’s work is going to Tampa, Fla. in January along with thousands of other high quality works from around the world.
Betsy Finn’s two entries, “Fearless,” and “Uphill Battle,” were chosen by the Professional Photographers of America to be part of the display of 4,000 top photographs – the world’s largest annual exhibit of professional photography displayed under one roof.

The 117th International Exhibition of Professional Photography’s panel of 30 well-known professionals trims the winners from over 5,000 entries.

Finn, a wedding [&] portrait photographer for her company, Betsy’s Photography, has had photography in her life from a very early age.

“As is normal with most photographers, I have a previous interest in photography,” Finn said. “It goes back to my father, my uncle and my grandfather.”

To these men in Finn’s life, photography was just a hobby, but something sparked in Finn when she was given her first camera.

Her life wasn’t quite the same after the first time the shutter opened and closed.

Her father, Jeffrey L. Ash, gave Finn her first camera, a Nikon brand Nikkormat camera while she was in high school, during her freshman year in 1998 at Greenhills High School, in Ann Arbor. Prior to this she had toyed with cameras as a child, but her father’s gift started something, although it took some time to take hold of Finn’s life.

“It’s the first professional camera I remember using,” she said. “I enjoyed it, but I don’t think I had my heart set on doing photography professional at that point.”

For a third generation, photography took hold of a member of the Ash family’s heart, and for the first [time] it became a family business.
Major McKinley Ash, Finn’s grandfather and renowned University of Michigan dentist instigated the family tradition.

“(He was) pretty much as close to professional as an amateur photographer could be while still being able to maintain the hobby aspect of it, Finn said.

Her grandfather started getting into photography while traveling, to preserve the sights. He passed away on March 21 at the age of 85.

Finn’s professional journey began at Hope College, where she earned a degree in studio art with an emphasis on photography in 2005.

The emphasis on photography came after doing some portraits for friends, some of which turned into clients.

“I decided I enjoy doing this for my clients,” Finn said. “They enjoy my work, so it just makes sense for me to do this.”

Up until that point she took some courses at Michigan State University in continuing education and worked professional for almost five years, before moving out to Dexter to be near her new husband’s family and several mutual friends.

“I started my business after I got engaged, because after I changed my name I needed people to know my name and where my business is,” Finn said.

Finn mostly does weddings and portraits, although she dabbles in other things. Her most photographed subject in the village so far has been Gordon Hall. She has taken many family and senior portraits at the historical site since coming to the area.

A photo trip through the village is on her agenda.

“I really like the character of the town,” she said. “It’s got a lot of variety to photograph. Hopefully sometime soon I’ll have some time to take some personal project pictures.”

Finn was awarded the PPA Professional Photographers Certification last October, which is what let up to her submitting [4 images] for this year’s association exhibit.

She is looking forward to getting feedback on her two selected photos, which will be her first works displayed via the PPA. It was her first year entering.

“It’s really a big thing for photographers, I entered what I thought were my best entries,” Finn said.

The works will be on display at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center from Jan 6 through 8.


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  1. Steven

    Great article, congrats!!

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    AWESOME! Congrats betsy!

  3. Betsy Finn

    Thank you! It’s a great honor to be recognized, nationally, as well as within the community.

    I’m looking forward to becoming more involved in Dexter’s community, both professionally and on a personal level!