Displaying Baby Photos In Your Home

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Sometimes figuring out how to display baby photos in your home is tougher than Capturing Baby Milestones on Camera in the first place! Actually, I’ll expand that sentiment to include all types of portraits. It’s great to have family portraits to document milestones — but, once they’re taken, the dilemma becomes what to do with them?

Depending on what my clients’ homes will accommodate, I do usually recommend some sort of wall display. I love displaying baby photos, especially in nurseries! All too soon, babies grow into kids, and those adorable little bundles of joy become little men and women. Where space is a constraint, I’ve found there are still options for displaying baby photos as part of your home decor — it just takes some imagination and creativity. A baby’s first year album can be displayed on a bookshelf, a floating wall shelf, or coffeetable; smaller framed pieces can grace the smallest of walls and still look meant to be.

Displaying Baby Photos – Our Wall Decor

Let me give you a little tour through my home so you can get some inspiration for displaying baby photos in your own home too!  When you first enter through the front door, there is a very small wall next to our coat closet.  It’s a little less than two feet wide.  A while back, I found the perfect shelf (with hooks!) for the wall, and created a little display that I enjoy very much.  My mother-in-law gave me this lovely frame; and while not usually my style, the frame is something I enjoy in this arrangement.  At the far right on the shelf, you’ll see a gorgeous glass frame that my cousins gave us for Toby’s baptism – it displays the correlating photograph of his baptism.  The two wooden sculptures are pieces I picked out while in Israel with my grandmother – I am so glad they made it home safely!

home decor entryway photo display - displaying baby photos - bphotoart.com

As you stand in the entryway and look the opposite direction, you’ll see our formal dining room.  This is actually an older photo — we’ve since moved around some furniture and are now displaying these baby photos in our bedroom hallway.  But I love the grid layout of these images!

home decor dining room - displaying baby photos - bphotoart.com

As you continue into the main area of our home, you’ll see the huge fireplace, and lots of windows.  We wanted to place a portrait that would balance out the fireplace, so large scale was a must.  The photo over the fireplace is actually before kids, from a trip to New Hampshire (taken in the southernmost part of Maine).  We have several small frames on the mantel holding snapshots of life after kids — 8x10s and smaller are great tabletop options for displaying baby photos that you want to keep updated on a regular basis.  Our furniture setup has changed a bit since this photo was taken — we added in a rug, and moved couches to create a cozier, kid friendly play are.  But the open feel remains.

family room photo decor over fireplace - bphotoart.com

Next, we’ll swing by the kitchen, where we have another tiny wall, maybe a foot and a half wide.  This one presently display’s four portraits from our son’s first year.  These framed art pieces are great because they fit pretty much anywhere — giving you lots of options for displaying baby photos wherever you want to see them in your home.

home decor photos baby's first year - bphotoart.com

Finally, we’re about to get to the best place for displaying baby photos — baby’s room!  Once again, if you were to visit our home today, this room looks slightly different… We’re preparing it for the arrival of our second son (and Toby got to move to his “big boy” room”).  Anyways, the focal point of the room, when we designed it, was the wall with the crib.  We set this up before baby arrived, and I wanted to have it be personalized from the start.  So, block letters over the crib were a great choice.

wall decor displaying baby photos in nursery - bphotoart.com

The nursery also holds a very comfortable recliner, in which I spent many hours.  I set up a side table right next to the recliner so that I could easily grab my waterbottle, reading material, knitting, or whatever snack I needed while nursing our new arrival.  On the wall, you’ll see a neat three-dimensional piece that has four of our son’s newborn features — who doesn’t love infant hands, feet, ears, and even belly buttons?  If you look in the reflection of the left window, you’ll see where we placed the dresser with changing table — along with a painting to match the theme of the room.

wall decor displaying baby photos in nursery - bphotoart.com

The final wall in our nursery had to hold books, of course!  Being a bookworm myself, I wanted to encourage a love of the written word as soon as possible.  We stashed age-inappropriate books (as in “too old for a newborn”) on the shelves from the beginning, leaving space on the bottom shelf for the cloth and board books.  This was a wonderful location for reading material — right next to the recliner, which became our reading chair later in baby’s first year.  On the wall, we decided on another three-dimensional piece — it has part of our birth announcement, plus a baby photo of our son.  The top of the bookshelf has a cute frame (matches the theme of the room!) — we updated this from time to time so that we could continue displaying baby photos that were developmentally on track.

wall decor displaying baby photos in nursery - bphotoart.com

wall decor displaying baby photos in nursery - bphotoart.com

Finally, what baby room is complete without a nightlight?  I love this custom photo nightlight that displays a newborn baby photo of me with our son.  It’s now in our upstairs hallway, but regardless of where it’s plugged in, the bas relief photo looks really neat.

home decor nightlight displaying baby photos - bphotoart.com

In the studio area, where I meet with clients, I have some more ideas for displaying baby photos to share.  I mentioned this first option earlier, for those with limited wall space.  It is easy to display baby photo books on a floating shelf — you can arrange multiple books, or pair with picture frames, for a nice, modern look.

home decor baby photo albums on shelf - bphotoart.com

And finally, another framed image series.  I really love these for displaying baby photos because it really demonstrates how much change there is over the course of a year, or even a few months’ time.  This particular series showcases images from birth through around the ninth month.

home decor baby photos - bphotoart.com

Not surprisingly, we do have more photographs on display throughout our home, including ones from our wedding, photos from trips, and of course, artwork.  But that’s for another time.  For now, let me just say, I hope this virtual tour of suggestions for displaying baby photos in your home has been inspiring and helpful.  I think it is so important to surround ourselves with images of those we love and cherish, to keep the memories we hold dear on display for all to enjoy.

What About Your Wall Decor?

What memories do you have on display in your home?  Are there photos you’ve always wanted to put up but have never found the “right” spot? 

I know sometimes it’s taken me several tries to find the perfect home for a piece of wall decor.  What is your experience with displaying baby photos and planning out your ideal wall decor?

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14 Responses

  1. Barb

    That night light is like none other! Beautiful. What a sweet glow it would make. Visiting you via “Small Victories Sunday.” Hope you had a lovely weekend.

  2. Betsy Finn

    Thanks Barb, we did have a nice weekend (hope yours was good too!). And yes, the nightlight is very popular with my son in particular!

  3. Rebekah

    Your photography is beautiful!! I love how you have pictures all around your home. Getting a picture wall in our master bedroom is one of my goals for the summer. 🙂
    Visiting from Small Victories Sunday. 🙂

  4. Oh I love your home! Hopefully in the next year I’ll get my walls painted and pictures up like I hope to! Thanks for sharing with Small Victories Sunday linky! Pinned to our Small Victories Sunday linky board. Hope you join us again next week!

  5. Betsy Finn

    Oh, that sounds lovely, Rebekah. I love picture walls 😀

  6. Betsy Finn

    Thanks! We still have some painting to do ourselves. It is such a time consuming project, isn’t it? 🙂 🙂

  7. bridget b @623designs

    Nice post. The nightlight is pretty neat, I’ve never seen one like that before. I’m not one to have large photos of our family on the walls, but I do like to sprinkle them in here and there in pretty frames.

    One way that I found to display some of our family pictures in a fun and interchangeable way is by storing our photo albums in a decorative metal file folder that hangs on our living room wall. I love that they are easily accessible and can be switched out as we get new ones.

  8. Betsy Finn

    Thanks Bridget!

    Oh, that is a neat idea. I love interchangeable displays — actually the floating wall collage I showed in our dining room (now in our bedroom hall) is specifically designed for easy changing out of photos 🙂

  9. sybil sage

    Our son is 30 – and if there were a fire, it’s his baby photos I would grab first. I have them everywhere and I never tire of looking at him. Several years ago, I told him if I could have any wish granted, it would be to have a few hours again with him at every age. “That’s what you’d choose?!” was his response. “You wouldn’t ask to find a cure for cancer?” I understood his criticism but told him there’s no reason I would get a wish that everyone else wouldn’t…and I’m sure someone else would cure cancer.

  10. Betsy Finn

    Sybil, that’s the neatest idea for a wish ever. Being able to relive those moments would be precious…. fortunately those baby photos let us do the next best thing, huh.

  11. JoAnn

    I love the photo nightlight! That is such a cute idea 🙂

  12. Betsy Finn

    Thanks JoAnn! I love how it cherrfully lights up our hallway at night 🙂 …makes me smile.

  13. Sue Lively

    Your home looks SO beautiful Betsy! I really like how you’ve placed all your photos. And the photo nightlight is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Betsy Finn

    Thanks Sue. The night light is cool, agreed!