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I’m guest blogging over at Divas With a Purpose today… make sure to check out my post on Managing Personal Finances as a Family. You’ll learn about some essentials when it comes to managing family finances, plus get some great (easy) ideas on how to save yourself stress, time, and money.

Family Finances + Teaching Kids About Money

While I already shared a bunch of resources and activities for kids to learn about money over at Divas With a Purpose, here are some additional resources on family financial responsibility that I discovered in the past few days, and wanted to share with you!

Teaching Kids about Money

Kids learn by getting hands on. Though still a toddler, our son knows that leaving the lights on in an empty room wastes electricity (and money), and he has helped deposit his own birthday money in the bank. There was even one occasion where he had to pay for something he broke with some of his money. While not appropriate for all toddlers, this approach has certainly proved beneficial in our situation, as our son understands the value and perhaps even the concept of scarcity when it comes to money. At any rate, here are some tips from other parents on how to help toddlers through teens how to be responsible with money.

Money and Family Finances for Parents

Family finances don’t have to be difficult, sometimes you just have to think creatively. These resources are more parent/adult oriented, and range from how to save money at the grocery store to planning a fun (yet frugal) birthday party. There are also two savings challenges that you might check out — easy ways to put a little money away at a time, and end up with a lot at the end of the year!

More Resources for Family Finances + Money

You may also want to check out my Money + Financial Responsibility board on Pinterest.
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What Are Your Ideas for Managing Family Finances?

Well, what about you? Have you come across ideas for making your family finances easy to manage? Do you have a great way to help kids understand the value of saving for a rainy day? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave a comment!

And if you haven’t already, make sure to head over to my guest post: Managing Personal Finances as a Family.


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing so many awesome resources to help families with managing their personal finances!!!

  2. Betsy Finn

    It was my pleasure! 🙂 Thanks for having me as a guest over at your blog.

  3. Thanks for sharing these helpful resources for parents and kids! I have my oldest pay for the things he loses or breaks if a replacement is needed. I think it’s the only way to get through to him sometimes that he needs to be responsible for our things and take good care of them. Pinning.

    Thanks for sharing with #smallvictoriessunday as always!

  4. Betsy Finn

    Great plan, Tanya. Responsibility is an important lesson to learn 🙂 …even if it is tough to instill (sigh!)