Finding Balance as a Homemaker + Home Business Owner

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Finding balance in life is tough, regardless of your calling, your job, or your commitments. This past week I guest posted over at about balancing homemaking with running a home business — complete with tips for how to keep on top of both while still giving your kids the attention and activities they need.

Finding Balance As A Homemaker + Home-Business Owner -

Here are some additional tips for finding balance when mothering a newborn amidst running a home business:

Give yourself a break

You need to recover from the birthing process, the experience, and the demands of adding another member to your family.  It’s ok to take it easy (that’s the point of maternity leave, right?  even work-at-home businesswomen deserve to schedule a break).

Plan and announce your maternity leave

Your break, or maternity leave, won’t be really effective unless you announce and publicize your plans.  Make sure to give yourself a reasonable window of time so that you won’t feel rushed back to work.

Accept help

Whether it comes in the form of meals being delivered, or relatives being willing to come clean your house, PLEASE do yourself a favor and accept graciously!  You don’t have to be super mom.  You don’t have to do it all yourself!

Be flexible

If things don’t go according to your initial plan, it’s important to be willing to adapt.  Maybe you decide it’s time to go back to work sooner than you expected… or maybe you aren’t quite ready to jump back in when you had hoped.  Either way, be realistic and make changes if needed to save your sanity.

Seek out community

Don’t isolate yourself, seek out the company of moms in similar circumstances in case you need someone to lend an ear, or give advice.  One of the downfalls of running a home business is that you don’t necessarily get out all that often.  So… make sure to venture out from your homestead, even if it’s for something frivolous!

Do You Have Tips for Finding Balance?

Where are you at in your quest for finding balance?

If you have tips for finding balance in a hectic week, or have found ways to balance homemaking and running a home business, I would love to hear from you!

Or, if you’re struggling with the concept of finding balance, know that you’re not alone. Is it tough to carve out some “me time,” or maybe dedicate enough attention to your kids? Perhaps you feel like your spouse is neglected because you’ve worn yourself out during the day and have little to offer at the end of a long day.

I’d love to hear what’s hardest for you about finding balance in your life.

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  1. Max Arthur

    I’ll have my wife read this. She’ll appreciate it and put the tips to use.

  2. Betsy Finn

    Hope she finds these tips helpful, Max. Finding balance can be tough sometimes!