Getting Ready for School

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This week my son starts preschool. He has been excited since he overheard us talking about whether to do preschool this year or wait another year. We have his backpack ready to go (complete with a DIY decorated name tag), tuition check, change of clothes, all the stuff is set. We’ve been to parent orientation. He’s been to the meet and greet. His teacher is wonderful, the classroom is great.


Are we ready? Surprisingly, yes. I think this will be great for him.

Toby’s Favorites

Before school, we ate lunch and I asked him some questions …figured it would be nice to pair with his first day photo!

What is your favorite color?
I like white and red and black, like a super hero!

What’s your favorite animal?
I like all of them. Black like a bull. (like a cowboy rides?) and they buck him off. I’m a bucking bronco, I buck people off my back.

What’s your favorite part of the playground?
The sandbox.

What do you think will be the most fun about school today?
playing in the bounce house (there’s not going to be any bounce house) …… (silence)

Lunch today?
cheese stick, hard boiled egg, sour cream, cherry tomatoes

He was a little nervous about starting school, but I reassured him it would be just as fun as Sunday School, Moms + Tots, etc.  He got himself all ready for school (clothing, shoes, etc), and then off we went.

Off To School

the-kissing-hand-harperOn our way there, we talked about The Kissing Hand #afflink, which is an adorable book about Chester the raccoon, who is sad to leave his mama for school, but she shows him the secret of “the kissing hand” — which will allow him to take his mama’s love with him wherever he goes.

Once we arrived at school, there was no fear, just excitement.  He showed me his hook, hung his backpack up, found his nametag all by himeself, and went into the classroom after saying hi to his teacher.  I pulled him back to give him a kiss (because he’d made me promise in the car to give him a kissing hand, per the book).

No looking back.

And I’m not sad.  I love it.  It’s great to see him grow.  Take a peek at the photos below, including the backpack nametag that Toby colored this morning.  The classroom photos aren’t from today — they’re from orientation.  I decided to experience today, aside from the first day snapshots of Toby.

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