Ginger + Cinnamon

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The girls are getting so big!! Here are some relaxed portraits of Ginger and Cinnamon. Cinnamon definitely has a little more girth to her than Ginger, but they both are really adorable.

This is Ginger — she likes to lounge in our reclining chair. Oh, and chase her tail there too, but that’s another story (yes, our cats like to play with their own tails).
Michigan Pet Portrait Photographer

Here is Cinnamon — definitely a little ham for the camera.
Dexter Michigan Pet Portraits

Ginger has actually gotten a little white patch under her chin (covered by the collar), and the girls’ coats are different enough for us to tell them apart most of the time. Ginger has darker, more contrasty, stripes, while Cinnamon has more of a muted coat. Plus, if you look closely, Cinnamon has cute little owl-like ear tufts at the tips of her ears — another way I can tell her apart from Ginger.

Such cute purrballs. Ok, I will stop gushing about my furbabies now. 🙂