Handmade Father’s Day Gifts

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Father's Day Gifts - Handprint Craft - BPhotoArt.comWe had some fun this week making handmade Father’s Day gifts for Daddy. Amanda from Fun Handprint Art put together a printable for us, based on one of my son’s frequent sayings about Daddy.

I love how it turned out — you can get the Father’s Day Handprint Craft Printable to do this craft with your kid!

Somehow Toby did not inherit my love of making messes and getting dirty, so I’ve had to be intentional about helping him get messy in ways that can be cleaned up after the fact. It’s an interesting dilemma, encouraging a child to be *more* messy, I have to say. We’ll get there sooner or later (hopefully!).

Anyways, because of his hesitance about getting hands-on and messy, I opted to do this craft with watercolor paint, figuring it was easier to clean off little fingers than, say, acrylic or other media.

Here’s the painting station I set up for my son’s activity time. Watercolors, a coloring page, a blank piece of paper (for the handprints), and a bowl of water with black watercolor paint (for making the handprints).

Handprint Craft for Father's Day - painting station - BPhotoArt.com

We actually completed the Father’s Day handprint craft with bribing — the promise of getting to clean hands off and paint the coloring page.  Here’s the first hand getting ready to make a handprint.

Father's Day Handprint Craft - BPhotoArt.com

Then it was on to the more reserved watercolor painting part of craft time. Toby was happy to have his hands clean and to be using a paintbrush for “proper” watercolor painting. He painted for quite some time, happily, with the black watercolor paint.

Painting - BPhotoArt.com

Toby announced this art project would be for Daddy’s office. It was immediately delivered to its recipient, upon the condition that it be displayed at the office.

Painting - BPhotoArt.com

Overall, we had a fun time making the handprint Father’s Day gift, and I bet there will be two excited boys on Father’s Day (assuming my littler one can keep a secret. Doubtful.) If you’d like to download the printable, or learn how I magically turned the black paint into green, head over to Amanda’s blog and read more there!

When I Grow Up - Big + Strong Like Daddy - Handprint Craft - BPhotoArt.com

Inspiration for Father’s Day Gifts

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4 Responses

  1. Mae

    I love hand print art for holidays. I think they are so much better than store bought cards.

  2. Betsy Finn

    Agreed! I always feel bad about the short “life” of a store bought card.

  3. What a fun project!

    It’s definitely not a bad thing that Toby’s a clean kind of guy! :O)

  4. Betsy Finn

    Oh, I don’t complain in general, Tshanina!! …it is nice to have someone who wants to help clean up and do housework 😉 😉