Indoor Winter Fun | Holiday Ornaments

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We haven’t ventured outdoors too much lately with it being so cold — the teens is just a little chilly to play outside for long. So, many winter crafts have ensued. I figured you might enjoy seeing a touch of our holiday decorations as they go up, and maybe these will inspire you to get creative with your little ones this week too!

Today’s craft was from a well-anticipated playdate; we improvised a gluten free dough recipe so both kids could participate. It actually turned out really well — the ornaments are adorable, don’t you think? Ok, I may be a little biased, but I am just glad the dough baked into something durable and non-breakable. Plus, Toby finally got to use his favorite cookie cutter, the train.

I remember making ornaments like this as a kid, and once we get our tree, I will look forward to having the little artist hang his decorations on some of the lower branches. Other activities to beat the cold included setting up our kid-friendly creche and a felt advent calendar.

Lunchtime was spent catching up on another storybook advent calendar (see right) — this one is neat because it has 24 little book ornaments; you read one each day, then hang it on the tree afterwards.

Unless the forecasted storm system foils our plans for this weekend, we’ll hopefully have a tree up in the next few days… I can’t wait to get things looking more festive around here.

  1. Amy Smith

    I love this!! We had so much fun today <3