Jackson Pollock Art with Permanent Markers

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Now that Christmas has come and gone, I can share these pictures of a top secret present being made. As I’ve mentioned earlier, this year our little one really understood the concept of giving — and so, both Mama and Daddy took turns helping him make presents for both parents. I received several lovely drawings with toddler-traced hands (so cute). And when we were deciding what to make for Daddy’s present…someone *really* loved the idea of personalized golf balls (“So Dada can golf!!!”).

Now, I know Jackson Pollock threw paint at canvases, but sometimes when helping a toddler make a craft, it really feels about the same. “Here are the markers – don’t draw on yourself or the table, just on the golf balls. Ok, you can draw on the box lid too. …have you used this color yet? On all of them? …what about this golf ball?” It was mostly self-directed, but I do admit I monitored things just a little since we were using PERMANENT markers (and for the first time, at that).

All in all, he did really well.

Now, for the snapshot tips. When creating with kids, I try to go with the flow and not get in their way. It’s more fun to look back through snapshots of them working intently on their project anyways, I think. Yes, at the end I will request a smile be given with the finished project (usually) — but honestly that depends on the day and how long the craft is deemed interesting. And yes, I do have my nice big camera from the studio, but for things like this — I love my point and shoot camera. It is smaller, quicker to grab during craft time, and let’s face it — I do make use of auto mode features (I’m all for making my life easier, especially when I’m not photographing for clients). There’s a nice “kid” setting on my camera that makes the flash go off most of the time, so I don’t have to worry about motion blur either.

While I was a little apprehensive about the permanent markers getting everywhere, in the end I was really happy to have pushed my comfort levels with this craft.  Toby absolutely loved putting all the colors on the golf balls, and he did a good job (well, for a toddler!) of keeping the markers where they belonged.  We got some ink on fingers…but that’s about it.  I can handle a little mess 🙂 🙂 — he is much neater than I was when I was that age; I remember accounts of me ruining new clothes and getting paint everywhere.  No complaints here!

4 Responses

  1. Michelle

    Very cute. My girls would love this. They enjoy any opportunity to use permanent markers!

  2. Betsy Finn

    I know, kids and PERMANENT art supplies seem to gravitate towards each other, don’t they, Michelle? My son had a blast making these. I’m glad we had the box lid for him to color the golf balls in, because he did get a little carried away in his excitement…and we ended up with a Jackson Pollock box lid too. 🙂

  3. Ginny

    What a lovely idea for a gift. Years ago my son once decided to decorate the whole room with wax crayons. I was out of the room for a few minites, and he had drawn on walls, lampshade etc. It did all come off.

  4. Betsy Finn

    Oh my, Ginny, that sounds like a big wall mural! Glad you were able to get the crayon to come off. My little artist’s recent experiment with ball point pen on the wall hasn’t quite all been wiped off yet. Trickier to get rid of than expected!