Just Like Daddy – A Father’s Day Poem

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A Truly Rich Man Quote - Father's Day - BPhotoArt.com
“A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty.”
Father’s Day is finally here! We’ve been preparing a few surprises for Daddy over the past month, which I know he will enjoy. Take a peek at the handprint Father’s Day gift we made (also adapted for both grandpas).

Further on, you’ll find a poem I wrote in honor of all fathers, but based on one in particular. 🙂

As the parent who gets to stay at home all day, I try to cultivate a welcoming atmosphere for my husband when he gets back from a long day at work, which includes having our son welcome Daddy upon his arrival. When we hear the garage door opening, Toby will typically race to the laundry room to greet his Daddy… then there is an ensuing race to “steal Daddy’s spot” on the couch. I love being a spectator in this ritual.

Which brings me to this anonymous quote I found the other day. I had to pair it with a father-daughter portrait from last summer, it seemed too perfect.

How true are those words. While we, as parents, focus on what we can provide for our kids, we often forget about how children enrich our lives and bless us.

Here’s a poem I wrote in honor of Father’s Day, for my husband, based on the little things about him that light up my son’s life. I’m so grateful to have married this man, and I know our son just adores his daddy.

Just Like Daddy

Daddy is a giant
in his son’s eyes.
A champion to imitate,
a man to admire.

“I’m your little man”
exclaims an adoring son
who wants nothing more
than to grow up
to be just like dad.

Daddy is his hero,
his protector,
his lifelong friend.

Daddy is the best,
the greatest,
always stronger,
always bigger.

Following in
Daddy’s footsteps
becomes a goal,
a lifelong pursuit.

The highest compliment
a son can give
is to tell his father
“I want to be like you.”

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7 Responses

  1. Amanda @artsy_momma

    Beautiful poem!

  2. Betsy Finn

    Thanks Amanda :). (p.s. the handprint gift went over well!)

  3. Gentle Joy

    This is nice….. we sure want to influence our children for good…. and what a privilege that they look up to us. Thank you for posting this.

  4. Amanda @artsy_momma

    That’s great to hear 🙂

  5. Betsy Finn

    Oh, I agree wholeheartedly. It is so sweet to see how young ones adore and admire their parents. (then come the “dark ages” of the teen years, but that’s another story ;), right?)

  6. Dan Brusca

    Awww. Love the poem. So sweet.

  7. Betsy Finn

    Thanks Dan. Glad you stopped by!