Letter Recognition Game

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Toby knows a lot of his alphabet, but we’re still working on letter recognition. So, this summer we spent some time out on the deck playing a letter recognition game. It also incorporates gross motor skills, which was great for getting out that extra energy my toddler has on any given day.

I stumbled across this game idea when sorting through some of the resources that were included in a hand-me-down “learn to read” kit. The kit came with a playing card sized deck of alphabet cards — but also with a set of jumbo cards. These things are huge. And what was neat? The cards have the uppercase letter on one side, and the lowercase letter on the other.

So, I had Toby distribute the cards on our deck randomly — all uppercase letters facing up. Then, I called out a letter and had him find it. Toby had a great time running to the letter, jumping on it, and then flipping the card over to reveal the lowercase version. We ran into a few snags on round two, when there was confusion between the “p” and “d” lowercase cards, but that became a learning opportunity to discuss letters with similar shapes.

Letter Recognition Game - Betsy's Photography

This game was easy to get out, easy to pick up, and lots of fun.  I love games that help with life skills and learning to read.

Letter Recognition Game - Betsy's Photography

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