Mackinac Island Photographs

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I love nature.  And last summer we were able to take a trip to Mackinac Island as a family.  By that, I don’t mean just the three of us, but also my parents, my brother, and his wife.  We had a lovely time, and Toby appreciated the break from being in a carseat for the week.  While we were there, I did create some landscape photographs…well, because, I just can’t help myself in regards to that.  Sometimes I see a good picture, and it just *needs* to be taken.  Here are a few of the favorites from Mackinac Island.  The first two are views from Arch Rock.  Here’s looking out over the shoreline:

And here is Arch Rock itself.  In case you’re not familiar with this (it is probably more well-known to Michiganders, I would assume), Arch Rock is a natural formation that rises 146 feet above the shoreline.  It was formed by the retreating glaciers.

And here is a view from the Mission Point golf course (well, putt putt).  The lighthouse you see is the Old Round Island Point Lighthouse.  It was featured in Somewhere in Time, and is part of the finish line for the Chicago to Mackinac Boat Race.  I love lighthouses, though I’m not sure why.  Maybe I’ll dig through my collection and share some more photographs of lighthouses in upcoming months.  I have a nice collection of images from lighthouses around the Michigan shoreline.

Vacation Travel Photography Tip – It goes without saying to pack light, and make sure you can carry (comfortably) everything you bring.  A camera bag (or daypack with camera gear inside) that is too heavy may just be left behind in your hotel room instead of accompanying you to all the sights.  I am minimalist when it comes to equipment for traveling — the less I have to carry, the less I have to keep track of.  Also remember, the more gear you have, the more attractive you may be to pickpockets.  So be smart, pack what you will use, and make sure you can securely stow all your gear when it isn’t being used.  I have a friend who lost her camera over the side of a boat because the camera bag wasn’t zipped.  It could happen to anyone — but I want to make sure it doesn’t happen to me… or to you!

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  1. Corinne

    Wow…gorgeous photos. I love the colors!

  2. Betsy Finn

    Thank you! I’m getting all excited for summer just looking at these photographs 😉 myself.

  3. noelmorata

    Beautiful, it looks like a fantastic place to visit during the summer and I’m sure wonderful days and nights outside! Thanks for linking up today to Travel Photo Mondays.

  4. Betsy Finn

    It is! one of the few places in the States that allows no cars. So all travel is by foot, bike, or horse. (They do have emergency vehicles on the island though).

  5. budget jan

    Good tips. I too am a minimalist. My husband carries a large camera while I carry a Canon S95 that slips into my jeans pocket. I am thankful of him carrying his DLSR though because it does take better shots.

  6. Betsy Finn

    Yep, there is a time and a place for all the gear, and a time to travel light. I remember when on a childhood trip my father had so much camera gear he had to set down his jacket to access what he needed. Asked my (under 10 years old) brother to hold the jacket… who, understandably, got sidetracked and set it down on a fence or somewhere. Needless to say, by the time the jacket was noticed as missing by us, it was gone. Better a jacket than a camera, I suppose!

  7. Mel {MamaBuzz}

    Beautiful, gorgeous photos. We want to travel there some day; your photos make me want to go sooner rather than later. Thank you for sharing on Inspire Me Wednesday. Featuring you in next week’s issue.

  8. Betsy Finn

    Thanks, and I know what you mean, Mel. I’ve seen some travel photographs that make me want to pack a suitcase and leave the following week. And… that is exciting, thanks for featuring me next week!!

  9. Betsy Finn

    Thank you for featuring me!