Maternity Portrait

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As promised, here is one of the maternity portraits that my little assistant helped me create in the studio.  I’ve not been one to keep track of which week or trimester I’m in this time around; that must be due to the busy life of mothering a toddler in addition to running my studio.  Anyways, the “calendar” I consulted puts me at around 18 weeks (mid-second trimester).  Toby is excited to be a big brother and keeps checking on baby: “baby is drinking and eating.”  Yup, likely the case.  Sort of.

And here’s an ultrasound of the little one.  Again, big brother was really excited to see this (pictures are a big excitement around here, hmm, maybe something to do with my photography, perhaps?).  I’ll have to remember to show him HIS ultrasound pictures sometime.

Maternity Portrait Tip: solid colors are best, they accentuate the gorgeous pregnancy curves and really let your figure show. If you’re up for it, bare belly portraits are adorable — and don’t worry, my standard artist retouching will take care of any stretch marks that might keep you from showing that belly.  If you don’t have any jeans that really fit, that’s ok, I have ways of creating (modest) portraits with one of your pre-pregnancy jeans, even if you can’t get them zipped up.  Bring a bunch of clothes, and let me work my magic!  One final tip.  I LOVE including the whole family in maternity portraits — especially little ones.  They are usually so excited to be having a little brother or sister, and their excitement is contagious.  Trust me!