Memories of Warmer Weather

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As the weather kept dipping into the negative range on our thermometer here this past month, I have been a little (just a little, really, I love snow) nostalgic about springtime and summer.  I honestly love all the seasons, and the only reason I started pining for the warmth is because it is a whole lot easier to be outdoors.  I guess instead of worrying about frostbite and hypothermia, you have to worry about sunburn and heatstroke instead… so each has its downsides.  But, as I was creating an album of family snapshots from the past year (shh….maybe the past two years, a little behind on my personal photos), I came across an image I absolutely love.  I’d turn this into a wall portrait in a heartbeat.  This was taken at our friends’ lakehouse…but the real draw for me, of course, is that it includes my family.


There’s something sweet about a father son walk, whether it be on a beach or a boardwalk through the woods.  They walked out to the docks to look at the boats, the spiders, and see if they could spot any turtles, if I remember correctly.  It’s amazing how an image can bring back so many memories, huh?  That’s what initially drew me to photography, and that’s a big part of why I keep doing what I do — both on a personal level and for my clients as well.

Family Snapshot Organization Tip – There are many ways to file away your snapshots, but since things went digital it seems like things are far easier to “lose” …agree?  With the advent of digital, there’s no immediate need to get the film developed or have prints made.  This can be convenient, sure, but on the flip side, it means you don’t end up with any physical memories of your family.  They’re all stored in your computer’s hard drive (which hopefully you have backed up in case of data loss, please tell me you have a backup of your important memories!!).  In general, the easiest way to store your image files is by year, then by month in subfolders.  This makes for easy browsing later, should you want to pull out images from that trip you took in August 2012.  I can’t really recommend any specific consumer software, as I use the heavy duty professional Adobe stuff, but having something that helps you browse, select favorites, and do some basic cropping etc isn’t a bad idea either.