Business Portraits That Look Natural

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Here are some business portraits from a recent studio session. Plus, at the end of this post, I’ve shared tips on why it’s important to be yourself for your professional headset, and how to get a business portrait that looks natural. That being said, I love it when my clients come back for more portraits! Aside from getting to photograph them again, it is lovely to see familiar faces and find out how life is going. Here are a their business portraits, taken in studio:

Ann Arbor Business Portraits + Headshot Photographs

These business portraits are of Debbie Bourdon, a real estate agent in the Dexter Ann Arbor area, and her daughter, Brittany, who works with her. Here’s another one of Debbie by herself:

Ann Arbor Business Portraits + Headshot Photographs

I also had the privilege to create a multi-generational family portrait for them over the holidays. You’ll see that shared here on the blog at some point too.

Natural Looking Business Portrait Tip:

One of the fallacies of business portraits, or professional pictures, is that you will occasionally come across a business person whose portrait looks absolutely nothing like them. Or, maybe, it looks kind of like them, but 20 years younger. Those types of business portraits don’t help your image. They confuse potential clients. Portraits like this make it harder for your clients to make connect the “real” you with the persona you present as yourself online or in your marketing materials.

So, be a natural. Dress like you normally dress, including attire, makeup, and hairstyles. Or, if you want to dress up a bit, that’s fine, but make sure you are still recognizable as yourself. A carpenter’s business portrait doesn’t need to be done in a suit or a tux, that would look really out of place. Instead, a more appropriate outfit might include the carpenter’s tool belt and an outfit that might be feasibly work to work. Now, an executive, on the other hand, would look out of place wearing a set of work clothes — appropriate attire *would* be that suit or tux. Whatever your profession, we can work with your standard attire to make it look natural. Your business portraits will convey professionalism appropriate for your line of work.

Professional doesn’t have to mean dressed up to the nines, and it never means “ten years younger.” Your potential clients want to recognize you on sight, according to their expectations. Help set yourself up for success by selecting and planning an appropriate business portrait.