Northern Michigan Mini-Trip

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This past weekend, Steven and I took a mini vacation up north. We didn’t really have a set agenda, but wanted to drive through Gaylord, and maybe get to Traverse City. We managed to visit both places, as well as a few more! On Friday, we stopped by a studio sale to pick up some new props, and had dinner with some friends in Southeast Michigan before heading Northward. That night, we got as far as West Branch, MI.

Saturday morning, we ate at the Lumber Jack restaurant in West Branch before continuing our Northward drive. We stopped at Jay’s Sporting Goods in Gaylord, to peruse their store selection — and then it was time for lunch. Thanks to Google places, we found a nice little restaurant called the Stampede Saloon. They had homemade root beer, buffalo burgers, and scrumptious sweet potato fries! Then it was off west to Traverse City, to visit the lighthouse at the tip of Old Mission Peninsula.

Surprisingly, the fall colors were more prominent in the middle belt of Michigan than further northwards. But it was gorgeous anyways :). After visiting the beach at the tip of Old Mission Peninsula, and covering most of the peninsula (including a jaunt down Nelson Rd, which according to Google Maps was much more than the dirt trail it turned out to be)… we grabbed dinner at a sports bar before heading back down towards Southeast Michigan. We got as far a Bay City, and decided to stay the night at a hotel on the river. Here’s a view of the river the next morning.

For breakfast on Sunday morning, we found a nice little diner, Morning at Maggie’s Omelette Shoppe. They even served cookies as an “appetizer” while you decided what omelet or frittata to order! After that, we decided it was time to head home. It’s nice to have an unplanned trip every once in a while — not having to plan ahead is great, and spontaneous side-trips can be fun!