Outdoor Soccer Portraits at the Studio :: Caitlin’s Senior Session

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Caitlin came to the studio this summer for her senior portrait session.  Last summer, when I did her brother’s senior portraits at Mill Creek Park in Dexter, Caitlin tagged along too.  It was fun getting to see her again, and create some new, updated, portraits of Caitlin for her very own senior pictures.  This time, we stayed inside the studio for most of Caitlin’s portrait session, since the weather was ominous and all.

Our plan, assuming the weather held off?  To finish off the session with a series of outdoor soccer portraits.  Thankfully, the weather turned out beautifully (isn’t it crazy how that always happens?)…. and Caitlin’s senior portraits were able to go as planned.  Bonus?  You’d never know it was terribly muggy and humid from the photos.  Love that Michigan weather, right?

I really can’t say which of these outfits was my favorite.  Caitlin did such a nice job of curating (or is it coordinating) her own outfits, down the accessories.  While I’m happy to give advice, I love it when my clients are confident in their own style and know what looks good on them!

So, without further delay, here are her senior portraits.  Enjoy!

senior girl portrait dexter high school senior portrait photographer michigan studio portrait of skyline high school senior ann arbor mi
We started off in the studio with a more formal outfit. I was originally going to take the brown out of this backdrop to match Caitlin’s dress, but it looks too good with her curls!
studio portrait dexter mi photographer senior girl portrait of skyline high school senior ann arbor mi
We created a few full length portraits of Caitlin… I love how the stripes on this dress change in size… so fun!
ann arbor dexter mi photographer studio portrait senior photo session girl sitting on chair of skyline high school senior ann arbor mi
This was another one of Caitlin’s outfits. I love how the sweater and sunglasses complement her dress… such a nice touch! And that smile… gorgeous!
high school senior girl studio portrait, taken in studio with sunglasses. dexter mi senior portrait photographer of skyline high school senior ann arbor mi
Here’s a closeup portrait of Caitlin with her sunglasses. So gorgeous!! And the curls… killer!
senior portrait cowgirl studio portrait photographer dexter mi senior photos of skyline high school senior ann arbor mi
I absolutely love this portrait of Caitlin… she looks so relaxed and cheerful… plus she nailed this outfit. So pretty!
senior girl portrait cowgirl themed studio portrait with cowboy hat, dexter mi senior portrait photographer of skyline high school senior ann arbor mi
And a closeup of Caitlin. Love the hat, love the smile. Seriously, right?
senior portrait soccer goalie senior girl portrait dexter mi portrait photographer near ann arbor skyline high school ann arbor mi
When we headed outside for the last part of Caitlin’s senior portrait session, she was really in her element. She plays soccer — and I hear she is an awesome goalie!
high school senior soccer goalie, girl portrait, outdoors dexter mi of skyline high school senior ann arbor mi
Caitlin’s mom loved this portrait …and I think this one might be my favorite of the soccer senior portrait series too. What do you think?
outdoors senior portrait with trees and grass, soccer goalie girl portrait photography session of skyline high school senior ann arbor mi
Then again, I just LOVE the wide expanse of sky in this portrait. It’s so hard to pick a favorite… but if you were going with a wall portrait, this would be my pick — it would look great in larger formate!
closeup portrait of high school senior girl, outdoors portrait of girl in soccer goalie uniform, dexter mi photographer of skyline high school senior ann arbor mi
And the game face. I might have that titled wrong, but we were going for something more serious or fierce, rather than just cheerful here. Do you think we got it?

Have you been thinking it’s time to plan your senior portrait session, but maybe you just want to enjoy your summer first?  No problem!  Give us a call (734-424-0472) or email us so that we can get the planning process started.  Let’s set a date now, and iron out the details as your session date gets closer.