Outdoors pet portraits of Apollo with his human siblings

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Every so often, my kids look up at me with those adorable puppy dog eyes and ask, “Mommy, can I be your assistant when your next client comes?”  While I think that’s adorable, I have to say no, and promise they can help me another time (when my clients are not there).  It’s cute.  Just like when I loaned one of my old DSLR cameras to my oldest the other day for experimentation.  He took some pictures, came back to me, and asked, “Mommy, am I a professional photographer?”  Adorable, right?  I smiled and answered, “do you want to be?”

Anyways, today they helped me out with an equipment test photoshoot.  I took some portraits of our dog, Apollo, using some equipment I’m testing out (I write articles and reviews for an industry magazine).  The kids had fun, and the dog loved all his treats.  Here are some of the photos we took.  Make sure to scroll to the end so you can see when my assistants jumped in front of the camera for a cute outtake :).

lifestyle pet photo natural light dog portrait, pet photographer dexter mi ann arbor
Before I got started with the equipment test, I needed a few “no flash” photos. This was one of the natural light portraits of my pup. He was intently watching the treat 🙂
dog nose, lifestyle pet portrait, natural light photographer, pet portrait photographer, dog photographer dexter mi ann arbor
Love that nose!!
dog portrait, natural light, lifestyle pet portrait photographer dexter mi ann arbor photographer
Tracking the treat. Lol. I love that you can see the treat just at the edge of the image in this one.
dog portrait, pet photographer, location pet portrait, dexter mi ann arbor photographer
As a word to the wise, if you keep your camera in an air-conditioned room… your camera lens WILL get foggy when you bring it out into this humid Michigan weather. …and yes, you’ll have to wipe off your lens more than once. I kind of like the ethereal feeling that the lens fog brings to this portrait though… 🙂 This is the start of my portraits with lighting, as you might notice by the different feel to the image.
pet portrait, dog photo, location pet portrait photographer dexter mi ann arbor mi photographer
He’s so treat-oriented… this works perfectly :).
pet portrait photographer ann arbor mi dexter portrait photographer pets dogs
It’s always fun for me to experiment with different looks. Yes, it was bright and sunny (wait, cloudy?) out… but my lighting and camera settings made this look super dark and dramatic. More treats for a good puppy!
chocolate Labrador retriever portrait, pet portrait, dog photo outside pet photographer ann arbor dexter mi
Apollo got the hang of this whole posing for the camera thing pretty easily. Bright flashy thing? Awesome… a treat comes next!!
chocolate Labrador retriever portrait, pet portrait, dog photo outside pet photographer ann arbor dexter mi
Aww I just love this puppy, he is too cute 🙂
chocolate Labrador retriever portrait, pet portrait, dog photo outside pet photographer ann arbor dexter mi stormy sky outdoor photo
The dark stormy looking sky in this one is awesome, don’t you think? Remember, it wasn’t really this dark out,… that’s just my in-camera magic :).
chocolate Labrador retriever portrait, pet portrait, dog photo outside pet photographer ann arbor dexter mi pet portrait at home outdoors
I figured a couple with our house in the background would be cool, since the yard is where Apollo loves to be. Outdoor dog all the way. And still happily contented with watching for treats…
chocolate Labrador retriever photographer pet pictures ann arbor mi dexter pet photographer
And for this one, I let the natural light impact the image a bit more. There’s still flash, but not quite so much moodiness. Isn’t that cool?
portrait photographer outtake, kids being silly, fun photographer in ann arbor mi, relaxed photo session dexter mi photographer
And here are those outtakes of my kids. At this point, the sky had gotten nice and blue, and my kids were more than happy to jump in for a few outtakes with their pup.
kid photo session outtake, kids being silly during session, photographer works well with kids, kid photographer ann arbor mi dexter child photographer
With all that energy, I had to work a little harder to get Apollo to focus on his treats (instead of the grass, which started to become very interesting).
photo session outtake, example of photo without professional lighting and equipment, see blog post for actual photos of session
Just for the sake of comparison, I figured I would throw in a snapshot of this same setting. Here’s my point and shoot camera, capturing the same scene. Crazy how different it looks, right?
child portrait photographer relaxed outdoors lifestyle portrait session dexter mi photographer ann arbor child photographer
And one last one…. of my three guys being adorable in front of the camera. It may not be a portrait with coordinated outfits and all that jazz, but it’s still pretty cute, especially for an “outtake” …right? Love that blue sky!

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