before and after of painted portrait, client snapshot and betsy's painted artwork

Snapshots capture memories...

...and by painting it becomes an heirloom.

Sometimes a snapshot, blurry or faded, is our favorite reminder of a loved one.

But what if you could turn that snapshot into something more?

What if you could display a rendition of it on your wall -- not just as a cherished snapshot -- but as an heirloom work of art?

That's what Betsy does.  Betsy uses a combination of traditional training in the arts and modern digital techniques to create a work of art from your treasured snapshot.

One brush stroke at a time, Betsy transforms your memory into something refined.  Your favorite snapshot is the inspiration for the painting.  The resulting masterpiece will be amazing.

For more information about commissioning Betsy to create a painting for you, please call 734-424-0472.

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Here's an example before/after of a painting created from a client's treasured snapshot.  Painting preserves the character found in the original photo, while elevating that treasured family snapshot into an heirloom piece of artwork.