On Pomegranates and Waiting…

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Toby and I recently spent an afternoon dissecting a pomegranate given to us as part of a fruit basket. It’d been so long since I have had one, I had to look online for how to cut a pomegranate. In retrospect, I’m not sure if I ever have. My toddler was thrilled to watch the process, and excited to chomp down on the tiny pomegranate seeds as I put little handfuls on his plate; he reluctantly agreed we should save some for Daddy.


The whole process got me thinking about anticipation, how the hard work that goes into something makes the results that much sweeter. We’ve all had those moments, right? Finally realizing a goal after much hard work …success is surely sweet. And from the standpoint of motherhood, I can see that same look of satisfaction on our son’s face when he figures out how to do something on his own for the first time….first a little grin, then a big smug smile, followed by a squeal of delight. We become a little less vocal as we grow older about our successes (well, most of us), but nevertheless, the reward is sweet indeed.

Anyways, back to the pomegranate. Given all my hard work to deseed this fruit, I figured a mini-photoshoot was in order. After instructing toddler hands to stay off the remaining fruit, I got out my camera and took several closeup photographs. Then it was back to messy crunching of delicious pomegranate seeds. As we ate, I reminisced about the historical and literature references to the fruit of love: Aphrodite, Romeo and Juliet, etc. I guess it’s kind of fitting that I blog about pomegranates as Valentine’s Day approaches.

My grandmother used to tell me I had to eat every seed of the pomegranate fruit because we couldn’t be sure which seed was the one that came from the garden of paradise. I also needed to be very patient with the act of eating pomegranate as it is the fruit of Love, fertility and bounty.
What an aura of mystery was those stories and pomegrenates’ deep red bleeding seeds to me! – Meric, YogaBhimaLight

I love the translucent shimmering colors in the seeds; it is interesting to feel how sturdy they are, despite being so easy to crush.


And just like that, we had gotten all the pomegranate goodness out of the fruit. Here’s what the inside looks like without seeds:


Tips on Waiting + Anticipation: “Wait patiently” is a phrase in my son’s vocabulary these days. Must be because we say it to him so often. Even as adults, it’s hard for us to wait. Right now, I’m waiting for many things, big and small. Waiting expectantly to meet my child (wow, almost halfway through the pregnancy by now!). Waiting for my toddler to decide if he is done with naps or not. Waiting for evening to come so I can get off my feet after a long day. To relate this all to photography: We no longer have to wait to get film developed to see our pictures, so sometimes it can be tough for my clients to wait to view and order their portraits. But, quality takes time. Good work is worth the wait. And despite or desire for instantaneous gratification, the art of patience is a skill worth refining — even as adults! Life isn’t all about waiting, though, is it. It’s about enjoying the journey, being content with where you are at now. Contentment comes, in part, from accepting the present and letting the tomorrow worry about itself. So, “hurry up and wait,” or enjoy the anticipation as you savor each moment — the wait will be worth it!

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  1. sarahhillwheeler

    Beautiful pictures. I always find pomegranites a strange but lovely combination of softness and crunchiness.

  2. Betsy Finn

    So true! My husband commented that this one was particularly crunchy. I hear that freezing them and then thawing them will “soften” the crunch some…