Professional Business Portrait

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I recently created a professional portrait for Michael Carlin, a lawyer in Southeast Michigan. As is sometimes (maybe often!) the case, simpler turned out to be better.

Creating a professional business portrait like this doesn’t take much time out of your busy day; but it will make an impact on your professional image. When I’m asked, I always tell people why it’s so important to have a high quality portrait for business — image is everything. As much as we try to be objective in decision-making, emotions play a part in our day-to-day decisions. Your clients look at your portrait and make instantaneous, subconscious judgments about you and your business based on your portrait. “He looks like a nice guy!” …or… “I think I could trust him!” For less than an hour of your time, we can create a professional and friendly business portrait that you will be excited to see on your promotional brochures and website.