Purrballs :: Meet Ginger + Cinnamon

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On Sunday we went to the Humane Society of Huron Valley‘s adoption event — Kitty Palooza! There were more than 100 kittens ready to be adopted, and the Humane Society was offering adoption specials that were too good to pass up (that is, if you love cats and wanted an excuse to adopt!). How did I find out about it? One of my clients! (Thank you Angel!)

So, we headed over to the Humane Society, around the same time as yet another tornado warning was announced. Fortunately, we didn’t see much of anything except for heavy rain. Boy was it humid! Walking into the Humane Society, I felt bad for the person inside the furry dog costume — the humidity was so terrible it was almost like being in a sauna.

Despite the weather, Kitty Palooza was a great event. We got to see the new and improved shelter facilities, which are really amazing. If you haven’t been in a few years, make sure to stop by and look at the new place! All in all, the adoption process went very smoothly. It was really nice to have the foster parents nearby, so that we could learn about the demeanor of different kitties. The first ones we looked at (adorable black and white spots) — were too skittish to be around kids and variable environments… but after that we fell in love with some orange tabbies. Originally from a litter of 14, the foster mom helped us pick out two of the kittens that were very independent, curious, and most importantly — purrballs.

Ginger and Cinnamon definitely fit the bill. The sisters were playful at the shelter, and started purring immediately when you picked them up. Steven and I were sold — there was no need to go look at any other kitties. While we got the adoption paperwork and everything taken care of on Sunday, we had to leave the girls at the Humane Society until Monday so that they could be spayed.

Amusingly enough, the paperwork we took home with us that day said one of the girls was a boy, so we spent a few hours that night coming up with boy kitten names, just in case the paperwork wasn’t mistaken. I would’ve been happy either way, but when we picked Ginger and Cinnamon up, both had been spayed — so we did indeed have two girl kitties.

Yes, there is a spice theme going on with their names, but that wasn’t our idea — those are the names they came with!

We’re currently in the process of acclimating them to the house, and while they do look alike, personality-wise you can sure tell the difference. Ginger is always the first one to come check out a new person; Cinnamon, while more reserved than Ginger, is a little too curious for her own good. You know how our last cat, Jake used to open doors? Well, Cinnamon already tried *closing* a door yesterday.