Senior Portraits with a Horse…(and a why we needed Broom!)

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Sometimes the trickiest part of a senior portrait session isn’t choosing the clothes, or even selecting a meaningful location…. it’s making sure the horse isn’t afraid of the camera equipment!  But that’s why we do a little extra planning ahead of time when we include animals in a portrait session — so I can know what to expect and make the best of any situation.

{In case you’re wondering what’s up with the broom — be patient, we’ll get to that in a bit!}

Maggie’s horse, Lainey, was very used to being photographed, so I could use my studio lights during this senior portrait session 🙂 ….had Lainey been frightened by the flashes of light, I would have planned for a natural light portrait session instead.  See?  It’s all just a matter of problem-solving!

We started off with some lovely fall portraits of Maggie with her horse.  You’ll see how gorgeous the portraits are in just a moment.  But let me tell you, finding the fall colors? A little tricky!  Most of the leaves had fallen by the time we did this session last year, so I had to find the best of what we had to work with.  Doesn’t it look nice though?

Maggie’s mom stayed beside me the whole duration of the session… with a broom in her hand.

Why a broom?

Well, she was holding the broom over my head and waving it so that Lainey, the horse, would pay attention to me and have her ears facing the camera.  Because if you’re on an equestrian team, you’ll already know that a horse’s ears need to be facing forward in photos.

I’m sure it was a pretty funny sight — Me making silly sounds so that the horse would look the right way, a broom waving around my head….

Near the end of the session, Lainey heard the feed pails — some of the other horses at the stable were getting their dinner.  She perked up her ears really nicely for that portrait!  But after that, she was on a one track mind…. dinner.  We called it quits for the day, especially since it was too cold for the final outfit (a summer dress).

A bit later this month, I’ll share photos from the other part of Maggie’s portrait session (on Lake Michigan) — but for now, enjoy these portraits of Maggie with her horse!

horse portraits senior portraits in saline michigan stable dexter michigan senior portrait photographer
Here’s one of the senior portraits of Maggie with her horse. See how the leaves are all over the ground? We had decided to stay at the stables, even though the fall colors weren’t in full glory, to make life easier for the horse.
senior girl portrait with her horse, outdoors senior portrait photography with animals dexter mi photographer
I love the lens flare and the wide angle perspective on this portrait! Plus, we got those ears looking at the camera. 🙂
fall portraits outdoors senior portraits with horse michigan senior photographer
I love this portrait of Maggie looking at Lainey. We even got some nice fall yellow in the trees!
fall portraits outdoors senior portraits with horse michigan senior photographer
Another one of the same… Lainey was getting a little chilly so we went with the flow of things and let her move around. Look at those ears paying attention to the broom!
senior portrait barn michigan horse ann arbor senior portrait photographer
I love this portrait of Maggie with Lainey. As we were walking past one of the barns, I spotted this window and asked Maggie if she thought Lainey would get into position there. As you can see, we succeeded!
senior portraits with horse, stable in saline michigan, ann arbor portrait photographer
And here’s a wide angle view of the space we were working with. Lainey wasn’t really happy about getting into position next to that tree, but she was such a good listener!!
high school senior portrait, saline high school, senior portrait photographer, michigan portrait photographer
And of course, we had to include one of Maggie with her letter jacket!

If you have a horse or other animal you’d like to be photographed with for your senior portraits, please contact the studio today (734-424-0472) so we can talk details and decide on the best way to make your animal relaxed and comfortable for your portrait experience!