Simple Portraits are Best

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From time to time I create so-called “simple” portraits, like this one below.  Usually they are for clients in need of a new professional headshot portrait — either for their website, business card, or even a networking site.  Sessions like this are quick and painless; the whole thing almost always takes well under an hour.  And who wouldn’t want to give up an hour of their busy schedule in return for a wonderful portrait that really captures your personality in a professional way?

Business Portrait Tip: simple really is best.  I recommend solid toned shirts, avoiding busy patterns (with the exception of ties for gentlemen, a sharp tie always photographs well); and it’s usually best to stay away from loud colors.

The colors you wear will influence those around you. Make it a positive experience! You have control – use colors to your advantage. – Rita P. Gworek, Wear the Right Color (good article on color theory for business attire)

Of course, there are always exceptions to any rule.  Those in creative fields may want to choose bright colors with the intent of drawing attention, or conveying a certain message. That’s why I am always happy to offer clothing suggestions for my clients — sometimes it’s as simple as choosing between two ties, other times I have helped advise on every piece in the outfit.  Whatever makes life easiest for you, that’s my goal.