Q: What if My Kids Can’t Sit Still?

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I’m thinking of scheduling a portrait session for my children but am a little concerned because of their age — I’m not sure I’ll be able to bribe them to sit still or even cooperate. Is this a problem, should I hold off on the portraits for a while until the kids can handle sitting still?

— Mother of 3 Tots

This is a valid concern, honestly. But, not to worry! My style of photography allows me to work with kids that don’t sit still, as well as the ones that don’t always smile when they’re supposed to. Remember, it is a little different for your kids when you bring them into the studio, so you can expect for them to be more excited/active/shy than usual. I am used to being around kids and photographing them — after all, I do have 6 nephews and a niece! So, even if your portrait session isn’t the most peaceful experience in the world, things will be fun, and we will be successful in creating great portraits of your children.

Still not convinced? Well, let me explain a little further. Some things to keep in mind — candy etc. works well as a bribe — but save the treats for after the session. We don’t need the extra sugar when working with an already active child. Rather than trying to force your kids to sit still, which I know can be tough — I often work with them on the move. It allows them more freedom to express their personality, which usually makes for better pictures. Oh, and don’t worry about that not smiling part. I have several tricks up my sleeve that tend to work very well.

In answer to your question, whether you should hold off on having your portrait created: I don’t think you need to deprive yourself of these memories. Kids love new experiences, and I will do my best to make their portrait session fun and stress-free. Who knows, the sooner you get them into our studio, the sooner they may want to come back!

If you are still concerned about your children’s ability to cooperate for even one of our more relaxed portrait sessions, then by all means, please let me know. There are some choices we could make in regards to your session (e.g. choose a location they are familiar with) that may make the experience easier on your children. Above all, I want both you and your children to be looking forward to your portrait experience!

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  1. Just call me Mom...

    My kids are usually pretty good listeners, but when it comes to having their pictures taken… I’m right there with Mother of 3 Tots. When I’m needing their portrait done again, I’ll be sure to let you know. Thank you 🙂

  2. A Client in Dexter

    Great Ideas + Great Photographer = Great Blog
    I’m enjoying this ask the artist thing — keep it up!

  3. Betsy Finn

    @Mother of 3 Tots — no problem. Just give the studio a call when you’re ready.

    @Just call me Mom — I understand, sometimes kids are great but every so often they just want to be kids. When you need your next portrait, please give us a call and let’s chat!

    @A Client in Dexter — Thank you for the praise. I’m glad you like this feature — I’m enjoying answering the questions I’ve been receiving!