Visiting Israel!

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Greetings from Israel! I am in the middle of traveling right now, and figured I could give you an update or two while I am on my trip!

Unfortunately, I can’t make this a visual experience for you right now — traveling without. A laptop necessitates saving photo-sharing for later.

Yesterday was the first full day of sightseeing for the trip. We went to Masada, and learned about the history of the place. I would love to go back and actually hike up to the Masada — this time, though, we rode on a tramcar built in Bern, Switzerland. The view from the top of Masasa was impressive.

Next, we drove north along the Dead Sea to Qumran, the site where the Dead Sea scrolls were discovered. It was interesting to learn about the ritual baths, and that the sect actually didn’t even live in the buildings; they lived in the caves (presumably some of the ones where the scrolls were discovered). Again, I would like to go there sometime and have time to hike up closer to the caves.

Our last stop for the day was at the Dead Sea. I did go swimming there, but not for long. The beach was very crowded, with it being Passover week and all.

Our guide is definitely very knowledgable and has been imparting mini-history lessons since we got here. Being insure while learning about history definitely males it feel much more real.

Ok! That’s all for now! I’ll give you another update when we reach another free wifi hotspot! Traveling is so much different with the advent of wifi (not to mention Internet). Last time I was abroad, I had to pay for Internet at a local Internet cafe; per minute pricing makes you keep things shorter, that’s for sure!