Here are some tips to help you get the most from your session. For more ideas or inspiration visit our What To Wear Pinterest board!  Also, check out How to Stay Stylish for Senior Portraits.


If you’re planning a group portrait, don’t feel pressured to have a “uniform” for the portrait… just try to get everyone wears tones that harmonize, or plan around a certain color palette.  You may wish to stick with solids or subtle patterns if you are planning a group portrait.


If you get your hair cut before your session, please try to do so a week in advance. It will give your hair some time to adjust, so that it looks more natural the day of your session.


We always take care to avoid unwanted glare on glasses.  We recommend glasses with anti-reflective glass, or simply removing your eyewear for part or all of the session.  Please do not bring transition lenses with you, as they are extremely difficult to work with.

Complexion Problems

Do not worry about complexion problems. These will be addressed when your portraits are retouched. If you plan on tanning close to your session, make sure to allow for a few days so your skin tone has time to “naturalize.”

Dental Appliances

If you wear Invisalign or a retainer, please remember to remove it prior to your portrait session. Though subtle, clear retainers still may show up in your portraits. If you have braces but want them retouched out of your portraits, please be aware that additional fees may apply.


If you plan on wearing make-up for your session, slightly heavier makeup photographs well.  Pay extra attention to the eye makeup, avoiding clumps in the mascara. Please do not wear make-up or hair products that contain glitter — the sparkles tend to look flakey in pictures (think dandruff!).