When it comes to portrait photography, are you looking for something more?

Have you been putting off your portrait session?

Maybe you're worried about how you'll look in the photos.

Maybe you want to wait to lose those last ten pounds.

Maybe you don't like your smile.

Maybe you think you have more than enough photos on your phone's camera roll -- ones that don't include you.

Whatever the reason, we get it. Most of us would change something about our appearance, honestly.

But when your kids look back at these portraits, they aren't going to see an imperfect smile, or a parent who isn't in peak physical condition.

Your kids are going to see your smile, and know how much you love them. Your kids will see your enthusiasm for life, and they will be inspired. Your kids will see these portraits, and they will remember.

They'll remember the memories from their childhood, of being loved unconditionally by their parents, of a time when life was simpler. They won't even spend a millisecond thinking about those things you're worrying about right now.

So, if you're thinking of putting off your portrait session, please reconsider.

Time doesn't stop.

Memories fade.

But when you take the time to plan a professional portrait session, you CAN stop time -- in those photos.

You can keep those memories crisp and clear -- in those photos.  

And, when you pull out those photos, years from now, your memories will be reawakened, fresh and vibrant as the day you made them.

So, when it comes to choosing a professional photographer, let us help you capture today's memories.

Trust Betsy’s Photography for your portrait session, you'll be trusting the best.


Award-winning Master Photographer Betsy Finn will guide you through the entire portrait process, including a complimentary planning consultation (usually in person or over the phone).  You decide on the specifics for your session based on your vision.

Betsy will help you plan your portrait session based on your vision.

At your projection screen ordering appointment, you’ll get to see your portraits in a big screen environment -- so you can easily compare facial expressions between images.  After you select your favorites and order your portraits, Betsy will oversee the retouching and printing process -- including expert retouching to eliminate any acne, lightly retouch wrinkles to soften them, and the like.

Your next job? Hanging them on the wall or displaying them in your home once you pick up your finished portraits from the studio.

Our clients like their photographs…

...and you will too! Trust Betsy's Photography, you'll be trusting the best.

Contact Betsy or call 734-424-0472 today about scheduling your Michigan photography session or your complimentary consultation appointment. Please keep in mind that weekend appointments are in high demand, so the sooner you get in touch, the better!